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Suzhou Silk Photo Tour

Suzhou, famous for its rich silk, is reputated as "the Hometown of Silk". It has a history of about more than 1,000 years. From the Tang Dynasty, silk is considered to be articles of tribute. In Suzhou Silk Museum, you can see how the silk is processed from a silkworm. The cheong-sam(Qi Pao in Chinese) is famous throughout the world due to its soft material, colored and elegant design.

Suzhou Silk
Silkworms are eating mulberry leaves and producing silk.

Suzhou Silk
The silkworms grow to be moths.

Suzhou Silk
Silkworms spin cocoons.

Suzhou Silk
silk produced from cocoons

Suzhou Silk
A worker is processing silk from cocoons.

Suzhou Silk
A guest is experiencing how the silk is processed.


Suzhou Silk
A worker is processing silk skillfully.

Suzhou Silk
The silk becomes bigger through several steps.


Suzhou Silk
Workers are cleaning up the silk to prepare for the next step.

Suzhou Silk
The grils who wear Qi Pao made of silk look elegant and noble.

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