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Most Preferred China Tour Packages for Family Vacations

--Travel to China together and fulfill everybody's need

China Odyssey tours provides wonderful tours of china for children and you.
Our knowledge and experience has enabled us to design a family tour of China that is both fun and appropriate for the whole family, especially comfortable for children and elders.
More than just sightseeing, these family tours provide you a great way to share the fun, excitement and discovery of China with your children, such as cycling on the Ancient City Walls of Xian, learning about the breeding process of the cute giant pandas, and rolling up sleeves to make dumplings in a local Beijinger's home. And even you can take the China adventure tours with kids.

More importantly, we will arrange comfortable vans for your family travel, and we have various room types available for you to choose from, such as family suites, rooms with kitchenette, adjoining rooms or none-smoking rooms. Give us as much information as you can so that we can customize your family vacation package and prepare an accurate and exciting proposal for your family!

COT-P-105: 9 Days China Winter Tour - Ancient Culture and Snow Festival
(Beijing - Harbin - Xian )

Trip Highlights: This is a fantastic winter getaway taking you to three unique northern Chinese cities to experience a snowy China. With a whitened horizon, you will be amazed by the special charm and elegance of the historic sites in ancient China's two capital cities, Beijing and Xian. Besides, the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival will turn the city into a land of fairy tales. See details

COT-S-006: 10 Days China Impression Tour (Route A)
(Shanghai - Guilin - Xian - Beijing )

Trip Highlights: For those who have never been to China however wanted to get a full picture of the country in just one go, this is the ideal tour to pick. Dynamic cosmopolitan Shanghai shows the modern face of China. The Great Wall, the imperial palaces, and the terracotta warriors recall the past glory of the Middle Kingdom. The dramatic Karst landscape and idyllic minority villages of Guilin never fail to amaze its visitors.
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Package from $1650 only.
See details

COT-culinary-001: 13 Days China Culinary Tours
(Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai )

Trip Highlights: This is a China tour specifically designed for people who love Chinese cuisine. This tour will give visitors the chance to visit some of China's most popular destinations and learn how to cook the local foods. This tour will take you to Beijing, Guilin, Xian, and Shanghai. You will get to see and eat your way across China. See details

COT-Family-02: 13 Days Family Tour (Route A)
(Shanghai - Yangtze Cruises - Guilin - Xian - Beijing )

Trip Highlights: Take your family to China for the experience of a lifetime with China Odyssey Family Tours. We've used our experience to design this family tour route that is fun and appropriate for your children without forgetting about the parents. This specially-designed tour will let you share the fun, excitement and discovery of China with your entire family. Children and adults will get to know China better, soak up some history, have a few laughs, and spend quality time together. It is not just a family vacation for relaxing, but a wonderful tour for learning and fun. See details

COT-B-018-B: 14 Days China Golden Route with a Watertown Stroll
(Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Hangzhou - Shanghai )

Trip Highlights: Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai are the top tourist destinations in China. This 14-day China Golden Route with a Watertown Stroll will include those popular destinations. If your schedule permits, you will have the opportunity to travel to Hangzhou to taste the famous Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea) and enjoy a peaceful visit to the water town of Wuzhen. See details

COT-S-017-A: 14 Days Best of China including Sichuan In-depth Tour
(Shanghai - Guilin - Chengdu - Leshan - Mt.Emei - Xian - Beijing )

Trip Highlights: This tour will take you to some of China's most scenic and cultural-rich regions. You will visit China's most dynamic metropolis Shanghai, unwind amongst the graceful landscape of Guilin, walk into China imposing past glory in Beijing and Xian, and get deep into Sichuan province to witness the stunning beauty and incredible geographical diversity created by the power of Mother Nature. See details

You can personalize this tour to your specific interests, shorten or lengthen this itinerary to fit your travel dates. Proceed to our inquiry area to tell us your specific needs and we'll send you the detailed itinerary for this tour and other relevant information.

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