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China Winter Tours

Less tourist crowds, lower costs, and more spectacular views and interesting things to. China is an ideal place for your winter vacation.

Best Place to Travel China in Winter

At the Ice City, see the splendid ice carvings, ice lanterns, ski in ski resort, and join the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, which is held annually in January, lasting around a month.
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Ask the locals when is the best time to visit the Forbidden City, majority of them will tell you the winter. Covered in snow, the majesty of this grand palace is rather enhanced, and becomes more awe-inspiring. So is the Great Wall, where should not be missed in your winter vacation of China.
We recommend a Beijing winter tours for you.
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At one of the most stunning mountains of China, see the four wonders – ancient pines, bizarre rocks, seas of clouds, and hot springs, and see the sunrise. When the snow settles on all these, the real charm of Mt.Huangshan emerges.
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Enjoy a fine winter in Hong Kong. No typhoon or freezing weather to worry about, during the Christmas holiday, the local people go all out with their decorations, the colours and tinsel are just mesmerizing, they attend the amazing "Winterfest" and taste crazy shopping there, may you join in? We recommend a Hongkong winter tours for you.
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Harbin International Ice and Snow FestivalForbidden CityMt.HuangshanHongkong

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