Beijing 2008 Paralympics Symbols

The Paralympics Emblem

The official emblem of the 2008 Paralympics is named "Sky, Earth, and Human Beings". Its image is a stylized figure of an athlete in motion. The three colors represent the sun (red), the sky (blue), and the earth (green).

The Paralympics Slogan

The official slogan for the 2008 Paralympics is "One World, One Dream". It stands as a symbol of the unity and dedication that the Olympics stand for. The slogan is a simple one but filled with meaning. It expresses China's wish that no matter what your race or color is, we are all part of one world, and we can all work together for a better tomorrow.

The Paralympics Mascot

The mascot for the 2008 Paralympics Games is an adorable little cow named Fu Niu Lele. Traditionally in China, the cow is often considered an auspicious animal that brings good weather and bumper harvests. They are considered easy-going and have a never quit attitude, which symbolizes the athletes of the Paralympics games.

The Paralympics Pictograms

The 20 official pictograms of the 2008 Paralympics were unveiled to the public in May 2007. The Pictograms will be used as symbols for the different Olympic events. They will be used in signage to direct spectators to the different venues, in advertising, and in landscape designs. Named "the beauty of seal characters", they are designed in the style of ancient Chinese seal carving characters. The characters are simple and easily recognizable. They were designed by a joint effort between the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Arts and Design.

The Paralympics Medals

The official medals for the 2008 Paralympics were inspired by the ancient "bi", an ancient jade disc reserved for royalty. The obverse side of each medal has the logo for the Paralympics, with the words "Beijing 2008 Paralympics Games" written in Chinese, English, and Braille. The reverse side features a jade ring inlaid into each medal. The design of the Olympic medal's hook was inspired by a jade "huang", which was a ceremonial jade piece decorated with double dragons.

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