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Less Arrangement for More Enjoyment

We balance food quality and tour convenience when planning your meals. Breakfasts and lunches are usually pre-arranged to save you time and allow you to enjoy the tour more fully. Your tour guide will help you find your favorite dinners so you can enjoy the variety and tastiness of Chinese cuisine.

If you want to eat as much authentic Chinese food as possible, no meal plan may be your best option.

How about our meal plan?


Breakfasts will be included in the hotel where you stay. Depending on the hotel, the breakfast would be in western style, Chinese style, or a combination.


Normally, lunches are recommended to be included in your meal plan. The food will be prearranged in local restaurants or hotels. The reason is that lunch needs to be eaten in the middle of your tour day and finding a preferred restaurant each day is inconvenient and would reduce your tour time.


Dinners will not be included in your meal plan unless you have that requirement. Enjoying the local food could be one of your best experiences in China. This is why we provide you with this flexibility of food choice. Your private guide will always give you good suggestions based on your preferences.

Special Requirements

If you have certain food allergies or special requirements such as vegetarian food, let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How about no meal plan?

No meal plan may be your best meal plan

Chinese food is delicious with a large variety of cooking styles, recipes, and tastes. As food is inexpensive in China, you can eat in a top-notch Chinese restaurant for a very reasonable price. We enthusiastically recommend that you try as many varieties of Chinese food as possible.

In addition to the Chinese restaurants, you can also eat a good variety of international food in most Chinese cities. It normally won't be a problem to find the food you are used to.

Personalize your tour plan to suit your gourmet desires

If you prefer not to have prearranged meals, let your travel consultant know your gourmet needs. He or she will advise you on availability based on your tour itinerary, and ensure time flexibility in your tour plan for a culinary adventure.

Start tailor-making your own China tour.

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