Tour Guide & Driver

Professionalism Guaranteed

General Requirements for Tour Guide:

- Only legally licensed tour guides are permitted for our tour group. Tour guides who are not licensed, interns, or students are not permitted.

- Guides must be fluent in English, have a strong sense of customer service, be polite and friendly to customers.

- Guides must maintain good personal hygiene, keep their hair combed, and dress appropriately. Smoking, chewing (gum, betel, doma, tobacco), spitting, and nose-picking are not permitted throughout the trip.

- Leave a cell phone number for the customer and keep the phone on 24 hours a day. Explain to the customer before taking any calls. Cell phone games and social media are strictly prohibited throughout the trip.

- Shouting or arguing with others in person or over the phone for any reason, especially in the presence of customers, is never professional or acceptable.

- For VIP Group, the tour guide must be experienced (at least 5 years of working experience), patient, and received positive customer feedback from other customers.

General Requirements for Tour Driver:

- Only legally licensed drivers with at least three years of driving experience and basic repair ability, familiarity with local road conditions, and no major traffic accident record are permitted to designate for our tour group.

- Drive carefully and avoid overtaking frequently. Keep an eye on the temperature in the car and adjust the AC accordingly. Turn on the air conditioner ahead of time in the summer.

- Check the vehicle's condition thoroughly ahead of time, and make sure there are no strange noises while driving.

- Fill up on gas, prepare drinking water, (wet) tissues, fresh fruits, snacks, and other items as needed ahead of time.

- Maintain a tidy, clean car with no unnecessary stacked items and no cigarette or other unpleasant odors in the car at all times.

- It is strictly forbidden for drivers to use hand-held mobile phones while driving. In an emergency, park in a safe area before picking up the phone.

- Respect the reasonable requirements of the customer and provide adequate service.

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