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Hotel Reservation

Comfortable Stay, Convenient for Sightseeing

Despite the level of luxury you prefer, our hotels are well located, clean, and safe. As accommodations could be one of the major determinants to your experience, we are very careful in selecting the hotels for your tour.

The hotels used by China Odyssey Tours are evaluated annually, by our inspections and our customers' feedback. Only those meeting our strict criteria will be recommended to our customers in the future.

How we select hotels for you?

Based on your requirements and preferences
Let us know your accommodation preferences such as hotel star rating, room configuration, and choice of style. Your travel agent/consultant will incorporate them into your tour plan.

Based on location for convenience of sightseeing
Location is one of the most important factors to consider when we make hotel recommendations. The hotels we use are close to the city centers, major attractions, or scenic spots you are visiting.

Balancing luxury, service quality, and your budget
Let us know what matters the most for your accommodation needs, we will suggest the best balance for the best value, for your money.

Softer bed, sweeter sleep

The bed mattresses used in Chinese hotels are relatively hard on average (i.e. It is fine in most 5 star hotels however could be a probem in 4 and 3 hotels). Some foreign tourists may find them difficult to get use to.

If bed softness is a concern for you, we will recommend hotels with softer beds for you to choose from. If you still want softer beds after checking into the hotel, we will negotiate with the hotel for extra blankets or quilts, as long as it is available, to make your bed more comfortable. 

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