Shopping & No Shopping

Worthwhile shopping makes shopping a pleasure.

Shopping should be enjoyable, not stressful. Nobody wants to pay for things that aren't worth anything. This is why tourists despise tourist trap shopping. However, if you can get things that are valuable and of high quality at reasonable prices, why not? If you go to the right places, especially in China, known as the world factory, you can always find a good deal.

China Odyssey Tours totally respects your decision of shopping or not shopping, and coerced purchasing is strictly forbidden. If you want to bring back something you like, we are glad to provide recommendations.

What is worthwhile shopping?

Good Deals

China manufactures almost all consumer goods. Many high-quality products are available in China for less than half the price they would be in your home country. Shoes, suitcases, clothing, and accessories are among the most popular items purchased by our customers.

Meaningful Souvenirs

When we travel, we often look for the perfect souvenir for ourselves and those we care about. In China, cultural items such as folk art and traditional handicrafts, as well as luxury items such as silk, embroidery, jade, and pearls, make excellent souvenirs.

Tailor Made Items

Different from genetic and standard consumer goods, shopping for tailor-made items is going to give you a unique experience. Things like traditional Chinese clothing, or an art item (e.g. Chinese calligraphy, painting, etc.) with your name on it, is recommended.

What about no shopping?

Some of our customers specify in their tour inquiries that they do not want any shopping during their tours because they are afraid of tourist traps.

We totally understand your concern

Our company policy clearly states that forcing customers to shop is strictly prohibited. Staff who violate this policy will face severe repercussions. If this occurs, please do not hesitate to report it. You will have the contact information for your travel consultant as well as the local managers.

We totally respect your decision

All of our recommended shopping activities are evaluated by constant feedback from our customers. If you do want a no-shopping tour, it is perfectly fine. Just let your travel agent/consultant know, he or she will avoid including shopping in your tour plan.

Start tailor-making your own China tour.

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