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Odyssey Travel Consultant Andy Xie’s Home Page

Travel Consultant:Andy Xie

My name is Andy Xie. I am living in the picturesque city of Guilin, Guangxi Province.

I have been working for China Odyssey Tours for more than three years. Main work of mine is to communicate with clients and to do my utmost to assist and make their dream of a perfect China tour come true.

Sincerely, I hope I can provide more and more clients with invaluable help through the Internet and our trustworthy online service. Your dream is my dream! Your satisfaction is my greatest honor!

You are welcome to China!



Reviews of China Odyssey Tours' Service:

March 19th, 2017

I am an experienced traveller and Odyssey tours is by far the best tour company I have ever worked with. Andy Xie has been helping me plan a customized two-week tour to six different cities in China for me and two family members, and it has been a great experience. Andy is professional, courteous, and helpful, and he gives fast responses to questions and requests for itinerary changes. His English language skills are excellent. I will post an update after our trip in May.David Pena, USA

March 15th, 2017

Five years ago, our family booked a private, 21-day, tour of China with China Odyssey. We were very happy with the quality of the tour guides, and excellent level of service, and flexibility provided during our trip. We just completed an Asia cruise that included stops in China, and based on our past experience, we arranged for private tours in our three China stops...Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing with China Odyssey. This time we were traveling with two other couples, and China Odyssey's level of service and reasonable cost impressed us all! I would highly recommend arranging for any China travel through China Odyssey Tours!

March 11th, 2017

Would just like to say that our travel consultant 'Andy Xie' has been so good at organising our tour in China! You are in safe hands with booking a tour and feel very welcomed! Can't wait!!

March 11th, 2017

I found Odyssey through TripAdvisor; the reviews were generally good. We have not yet started off on our private tour to China (leave next week), but Andy Xie has been very responsive and informative so far. He has given us an itinerary exactly as I asked; we have all the sights we wanted. The planning has been a joy of simplicity; I will come back after our vacation to update this review.

March 10th, 2017

Will definitely use them again!! Great local guides, nice hotels, got everything I wanted in my tour.

November 7th, 2016

We spent 12 days in Vietnam with Odyssey tours. We were 2 people from Switzerland and 2 from Morocco .We visit this beautiful country from north to south with professional tour guides, good drivers . All the time , we could contact Andyxie if we had some questions.We already recommend Odyssey to our family and friends in Switzerland and Morocco. Thank you Andy. Next time we'l visit Japan or Tibet and China with Odyssey!

November 1st, 2016

I strongly recommend Odyssey service to anyone looking to know China more. We had an amazing trip to China with a tailored made tour. We spent 17 days in China and in every city that we visit we had a professional tour guide, our trip was organised by Mr Andy Xie, and he helped us in every single matter that we requested. He also gave us some beautiful souvenir from China. The highlight of our trip was Guilin and Yangshou with the excellent tour guide we had there (Ms Gong Jia-Ying-- Merlinda) and also amazing tour guide in Shanghai (Mr Kathy Yao) he is a walking encyclopedia, he has incredible knowledge about Chinese culture, history, infrastructure, you name it!. We will recommend Odyssey to our friends and family who wants to visit China in future. I highly recommend our consultant (Mr Andy Xie) and his team. Until next trip!

July 11th, 2016

My wife, three children and I just came back from a 12-day tour of China. Thanks to Odyssey, we had a fabulous time and could not be any happier. The tour guides and drivers were absolutely wonderful. All in all, we strongly recommend Odyssey to anyone that wishes to visit China. Altogether, we intereacted with six tour guides. As stated, they were all great. However, Robin, Sisi and April went above and beyond to make sure that we had a wonderful time. While in China, we flew on China Eastern airline as well as Air China. Each time that we used China Eastern, we had very long delays for no apparent reason. We also found out from the tour guides that delays with China Eastern is very typical. So, my suggestion would be NOT to use China Eastern.

December 6th, 2015

Our trip to Thailand, Laos and China was wonderful because of Odyssey Tours. The meticulous development, input and planning by Andy Xie was invaluable! The execution of each part of the itinerary beginning with Pia in Bangkok, Tre in northern Thailand, our guides in Laos, as well as Betty, Shona, Arron in China were all very knowledgeable of their locale. Not only were they professional but each went out of their way to be accommodating.

December 1st, 2015

We enjoyed our trip to China as one we will always remember. Andy with Odyssey was great to work with. He had everything well planned for just the two of us to have a great experience. In every city the guides would meet us at the airport and take care of everything we needed until it was time to get in another plane to a different city. Everyone was very accommodating and willing to adjust schedules to our interests. Thank you!
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