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Odyssey Travel Consultant Laura Li Home Page

Travel Consultant:Laura Li

I believe for most of us a vacation is not necessarily luxury but a necessary ingredient in living a full, healthy and balanced life. That is why I’ve kept on travelling once got a touchable fresh idea.

These years I’ve been to many Asian countries as well as most unique places of my country. I have to say Tibet, Mt. Huang, and Guilin are those I like best of China, while Thailand and Nepal are also very lovely.

World is a secret, people’s thinking is volatility. Travel can put ourselves in the environment beyond all limits of imagination, we will continuously get chances to update our world view to redefine and value the really most important things in our mind.

China is a miraculously beautiful country. Chinese are extraordinarily nice and warm. Travel here can be a life-changing experience! Come to me, let’s start the memorable sweet journey with Odyssey~



Reviews of China Odyssey Tours' Service:

April 16th, 2017

Amazing trip to beautiful Guilin! Very well organised, we enjoyed the views , food and people. Many thanks to Odyssey Tour and Miss Laura Li to arranged this super travel for 4 of us.Highly recommend , look forward to our next trip with Odyssey tours.All the best and regards.

April 29th, 2013


What an incredible adventure you have planned for us.And it's only half-way done!My mother and I love China so much that we are already planning our return trip.We can't wait to have the whole family to experience the wonders of this amazing country.The tour guides have been kind,knowlegeable and always available to help.Thank you for calling often to check in with us.It was meant a lot and we are incredible greatful for your kindness.Not to mention the planning you did to make this wonderful dream of coming to China a reality.Everything and everyone has been so enjoyable.We cannot wait to return.Thanks again for everything.We look forward to the rest of our journey and the future adventures you all plan for us.Here is a small letter of an appreciation.It was painted by a local artist,in our hometown.


April 27th, 2013

Laura! Sorry we weren't in the room. We went for a quick walk before the show since we wanted to explore Xian on our own for a bit before we left. If we had been here, we would have told you that Xian surprised us by being such a beautiful and interesting place. We knew we'd love the terra cotta soldiers but we had no idea the city would be so pleasant. We had a great time here. And Ivan has been a great guide with Mr. Zhong driving. All has exceeded our expectations. 


We really appreciate all the hard work you put into this trip to make it easy and unforgettable. Thank you so much. Let me know if Sophie gives you the gift we left for you. We wanted to deliver it in person but there was just never enough time. We will be returning very soon and we hope to make your acquaintance then. 


We look forward to Beijing tomorrow but are sad our trip is coming to an end. We'd love to stay for months and months! Ha ha. China truly is a beautiful and wonderful place. Thank you again for everything. 


Hope to hear from you soon!

April 22nd, 2013


Thank you for your interest.

A much quieter day today after all thetravel and walking we had done in the last few days.

We certainly appreciate your efforts inensuring such a smooth and stress free holiday.

The guides were all excellent, attentive,punctual and knowledgable and they all gave us sufficient time to ourselves to"find our own way around ".

We have found you very well organised and apleasure to deal with.

Many thanks for a great holiday, we hope tobe in contact again in the future.

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