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Travel Consultant:Laura Li

I believe for most of us a vacation is not necessarily luxury but a necessary ingredient in living a full, healthy and balanced life. That is why I’ve kept on travelling once got a touchable fresh idea.

These years I’ve been to many Asian countries as well as most unique places of my country. I have to say Tibet, Mt. Huang, and Guilin are those I like best of China, while Thailand and Nepal are also very lovely.

World is a secret, people’s thinking is volatility. Travel can put ourselves in the environment beyond all limits of imagination, we will continuously get chances to update our world view to redefine and value the really most important things in our mind.

China is a miraculously beautiful country. Chinese are extraordinarily nice and warm. Travel here can be a life-changing experience! Come to me, let’s start the memorable sweet journey with Odyssey~



Reviews of China Odyssey Tours' Service:

Clients:Kenneth Wong      from:United Kingdom    April 16th, 2017

Amazing trip to beautiful Guilin! Very well organised, we enjoyed the views , food and people. Many thanks to Odyssey Tour and Miss Laura Li to arranged this super travel for 4 of us.Highly recommend , look forward to our next trip with Odyssey tours.All the best and regards.

Clients:ShazBeaz      from:United States of America    November 15th, 2014

What an amazing place to visit! The scenery around Guilin and Yangshuo is incredible and well worth spending time to see. My friends and I did the 3 day China Odyssey Tour in this remarkable part of China. We cruised up the Li River enjoying the scarp landscape, rode a bicycle through scenic villages and walked through the rice terraces. Our very knowledgable guide, Wendy, showed us the regular sights and suggested others she thought we may be interested in. Her friendly manner and her command of English made the trip even more enjoyable.

Clients:WendyMelbourne2014      from:Australia    May 13th, 2014

I am not a big-city lover, but I was impressed by the courtesy and hospitality of the people. The gardens were beautiful in April, and the Peking duck was a delicacy. Riding in a rickshaw around the hutongs was great fun, and the visit to a private home was fascinating. China Odyssey tours provided a guide and driver who did everything in their power to make our stay safe, interesting and informative. It was a great thrill to visit The Wall at Badaling and fulfil a lifelong dream. We also enjoyed the Cloisonne factory, which was a unique experience.

Clients:SantoGlobetrotter      from:United States of America    April 25th, 2014

She made our stay special. We travel a lot and have not had a better guide anywhere, We stay at the Hilton Hotel and the service was very good as well. Coco joined us for a local feast to top our stay off.Our trip was organized by China Odyssey(Laura li),a company which I would rate very highly.

Clients:Im_emily      from:United States of America    December 12th, 2013

OdysseyTour did a great job for our 4 days in Beijing! The tour guide was great her English was amazing she got all my mom's bad jokes. They tailored the trip so we got everything we wanted plus more in our time. I recommend going a little rather out than the tourist spots of the Great Wall we were all only people there it was really cool!!

Clients:Im_emily      from:United States of America    December 12th, 2013

This was my favorite part of our tour truly beautiful! 

The cruise down the Li river is relaxing and the scenery is to die for! Odyssey provides great hotel that where ideal locations to everything down town all within reason too! It is so convenient to have a tour guide and car pick you up and know exactly where your going. No waiting in lines to buy tickets or wondering if your standing in the right spot all of which happens if you don't speak Chinese, I know i lived there a year!! 

Just sit back and enjoy your vacation!!

Visited November 2013

Clients:Im_emily      from:United States of America    December 12th, 2013

Xian is a wonderful city and our tour guide was very patient as we spent a good 5 hours wondering around taking photos of the terracotta warriors. She was very informative and answered all our questions. I loved the 9 mile bike ride on top of the city wall it was a bit to much for my mom! The only down side was I wish we had known about the hot spring. I would have liked to stay closer to them and not central down town but i guess that was lack of research on my part :-( This may have been the tour guide who when we asked where a good place to eat was kindly told us it wasn't included which we knew but were still hungry and wanted to buy food!

Clients:LynneW5      from:United Kingdom    November 25th, 2013

We spent 8 days in total touring China with Odyssey Tours and the overall service was fantastic. The highlight of the tour for us was Xi'an. Apart from the amazing Terra-cotta warriors, the experience was made all the more memorable by the kindness of our guide Helen. She was so considerate and helpful. Helen talked about her home with such enthusiasm that it was difficult not to enthuse with her. Unlike the other guides (who were good) Helen’s day didn’t just stop when she dropped us at the hotel. She stayed with us the 1st evening pointing out various restaurants etc along the way. We actually all had dinner together that night - best noodles I have ever eaten. That extra personal touch was just so very lovely. Maybe one day we will be able to return the favour in Edinburgh!

Clients:Philip Z      from:United States of America    November 7th, 2013

I can't really add a lot to what others have said about sights in Shanghai itself but I can confirm that China Odyssey and our guide Michael were excellent. My wife is a vegetarian and Michael managed to find two restaurants for lunch where she could obtain what she wanted - with the help of his translation as English was not written on the menu or spoken. (Note: This was more of a problem on our trip throughout China than we anticipated.)

We also spent a day going to Suzhou and Tongli Water town, which were very worthwhile experiences. The Yu Gardens in Shanghai (and market) was fascinating while the Humble Administrator's Garden and large and fascinating Pan Gate in Suzhou were even more so.

The quaint water town with its canals and boat ride was interesting and relaxing at the end of a long day with a lot of walking. In fact, there was a lot of walking required everywhere we went on our 12 day tour so if you are not in shape when you start you will be when you finish.

While hazy skies due to pollution were not as bad as in Beijing, they were present. No blue sky photos during our three days in this area, unfortunately. But the buildings and the Shanghai Museum were still interesting to see. What was not more than a punch list item for me was the Jewish tour. Interesting history well presented by not much to actually see.

I don't think we would have seen Suzhou or Tongli, the highlights of our time staying in Shanghai, if not for the advice of our tour coordinator at China Odyssey, Laura Li. Her recommendations were right on here (and throughout our trip.)

Clients:Philip Z      from:United States of America    November 7th, 2013

We actually spent three days touring in the Guilin area, which can only be described as spectacular. The Li River cruise that everybody does was as photogenic as a place can be, especially as it was during China's national holiday and there were all kinds of crafts and people on the river. A unique experience despite the haze that messed up my photos into facing upstream, but not shooting downstream.

And when we arrived in Yangshou, where we stayed overnight in a lovely hotel, the crowds of Chinese tourists was incredible. One could not move not only on the roads but also on the sidewalks. Another unique experience that prevented us from doing our scheduled bike ride in the countryside as we viewed it as too dangerous. But did this stop China Odyssey from keeping us busy and giving us our pre-paid money's worth? No way, as our guide Peggy arranged for an electric cart and driver to get us to the countryside tour we wanted to do despite the heavy traffic. How is that for service!

Another outstanding thing we did from Guilin that we would have never considered without the advice of our outstanding, highly recommended, incredibly responsive, helpful, and reassuring tour coordinator, Laura Li, was a full day visit to the Longji Rice Terraces near Longsheng. The weather was not the best with rain in the morning but it cleared enough in the afternoon for us to hike up the mountainside some and to see this incredible scene from the cable car. Another unique experience.

And finally Peggy made sure we got to see in Guilin two sights before our flight to Xian that were difficult to get to because of the holiday traffic: Elephant Hill Park and the unique and beautiful (and crowded) Reed Flute Cave.

Conclusion? Guilin is not a one day trip if you want to see more of the unusual, picturesque geographic and scenic features of China. We are so glad our tour coordinator set it up for us the way she did, including our three flights within China. First class and first rate! Thanks Laura.
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