Our Team

Our Team

The People Who Help You Plan a Perfect China Trip

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Planning a China tour has never been an easy task considering China's landmass, culture, and language. At China Odyssey Tours, while you send us an inquiry, you are beginning a trip without hassle, as there will be a personal travel expert to design an itinerary exclusively for you and your party. See some lovely comments about our travel experts:

Featured Travel Specialists

Each year, our travel experts take regular trips to different destinations, examining every attraction, hotel, and restaurant before we recommend them to clients. Knowing the destinations inside-out, they will enable you a stress-free experience from start to finish, with their expertise in private and customized tours.

All Travel Experts List
  • Allison Chiang
  • Alick Peng
  • Ander Zou
  • Bruce Peng
  • Cathy Hou
  • Christal Yao
  • David Tan
  • Don Li
  • Eric Kong
  • Forest Wu
  • Gina Liu
  • Joan Qin
  • John Hu
  • Joyce Chen
  • Joy Peng
  • Kristy Ho
  • Laura Li
  • Leila Deng
  • Lily Guo
  • Liz Ling
  • Lynn Liu
  • Maple Zheng
  • Max Yang
  • Mia Wang
  • Mollie Qin
  • Monica Mo
  • Nikki Xia
  • Owen Zhou
  • Queenie Yang
  • Reinself Wei
  • Rosie Ye
  • Sherry Zhang
  • Sunny Xie
  • Susan Su
  • Terry Zhang
  • Tom Zhou
  • Vivian Young
  • Wade Wei

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The people who take care of you from landing at the airport to leaving for your next destination. Check what others say about them.
Planning Your Next Journey?

Planning Your Next Journey?

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