What China Odyssey Tours Provides

A perfect Match – We provide a Custom Tour Service that ensures each tour is a perfect match with each customer.

We provide tours to the most exciting areas of China

China Odyssey Tours offers a large variety of China tour packages covering most areas of China. We can take you to China's most famous destinations including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, the Yangtze River, Guilin, and Hong Kong, as well as absolutely unforgettable destinations such as: Tibet, Yunnan, Chengdu, Pingyao, Qingdao, Guizhou, and the East Water Towns. We provide much more than a regular tour of Chinese cities, villages, landscapes and cultural treasures. Our goal is to show you the REAL China and give you the trip of a lifetime.

We provide Custom Tours designed just for you

None of our pre-designed tours are written in stone. Every one of our tours can be customized by you to meet your every need. China Odyssey Tours wants to make sure that each and every tour we sell is the perfect tour for that customer.

You can look at our website and choose a pre-designed tour if the tour is exactly what you want, but if not you can change destinations or sites, upgrade hotels or flights, and choose your arrival and departure times (What is "No Fixed Departure Date"?).

You can choose the pace in which you want to travel, and any special needs will be taken care of. All you need to do is to fill out an enquiry, or send us an email. Within 24 hours your own personal Travel Consultant will contact you and begin working with you to make the perfect tour.

To save time looking through our many pre-designed tours you may simply send an email or fill out an enquiry form and tell your Travel Consultant where you want to go, what you want to see, and they will Custom Design a tour specifically for you. You may feel free to change the tour as many times as needed until you have the perfect tour.

We want each of our customers to have the experience of a lifetime and to get more than they could have ever dreamed. The best part of our Custom Tours is that the customizing is completely free.

We provide Private Tours making your tour experience even better

All of China Odyssey Tours' tours are Private Tours. This means that none of our clients will ever be stuck in a group of strangers. We feel this is the best way to travel China because when traveling with a group of strangers, you must do what the group as a whole wants. So if you do not wish to go to a site, you may still have to and something you find interesting might have to be rushed.

With a Private Tour you travel only with your friends, loved ones, or by yourself. Since each of our tours is Private Tours, the tour is done at your pace and highlighting the things you are interested in.

When you take a tour with China Odyssey Tours you will have your own tour guide and licensed driver withvehicle to take care of you and help give you a tour that surpasses your wildest expectations. Each of our Private Tours is of the highest quality. We have manylong standing relationships with hotels, airlines, and this allows us to offer the highest quality tours available.

You'll be amazed at an affordable Private Tour with China Odyssey Tours. Since each tour is a Private Tour there is no fixed departure date. This means that you simply tell us when you want to arrive and depart China and we will design the tour around those dates.

We provide amazing prices

Save Money & Get More

China Odyssey Tours has been working in the Chinese tourism industry for more than 20 years. This has enabled us to create many long standing relationships with major airlines, hotels, and local tour operators all over China. Because of these relationships we are able to offer great prices on all of our China tours. Since we have been working with these people for so many years, each of the hotels we use is of the highest quality in each city and has the best locations.

Anotherway we are able to offer great prices is that we are in direct contact with our customers. There is no middle man which keeps costs low and saves each of our customers a great deal of money.

Our bottom line is: China Odyssey Tours works hard to offer only the best China tours for our customers.

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