Great Wall Tours: Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanlin and More

Great Wall Tours: Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanlin and More

Beijing is justifiably the best place to explore the Great Wall. You can visit many different sections of the wall which is one of the largest allures for visiting Beijing. Different sections of the Great Wall present different features and different scenery. Badaling and Juyong Pass are the most visited and easily accessible parts of the Great Wall. However, compared with the Badaling-Juyongguan Tour, other Great Wall Tours cost a little bit more because of their distance and accessibility. The scenery of the Mutianyu Great Wall is extremely beautiful in autumn while the section between Jinshanling and Simatai requires more physical stamina to climb. The Water Great Wall Huanghuacheng, as well as the miniature of the Great Wall Huangyaguan, is becoming more popular with hikers due to the magnificent scenery surrounding these areas. Different sections of Beijing's Great Wall can satisfy different interests. Choose your favorite section with the guidance of the table below:

Great Wall at





Location & Distance
from Beijing's city center

Northwest, 50 km

Northwest, 75 kmNorth, 95 kmNorth, 120 km
Driving time from Beijing(one way)About 1.5 hoursAbout 1.5 hoursAbout 2 hoursAbout 2.5 hours
ConditionWell - preservedBest - preservedIntactRuined
Travel time2.5 hours2.5-3 hours2-3 hours4 hours
DifficultyModerate climbingModerate climbingModerate climbingStrenuous hiking
Cable carNoAvailableAvailableAvailable
Best time to goAll year roundAll year roundAll year roundSummer, Autumn

Great Wall at





Location & Distance
from Beijing's city center

North, 150 km

North, 95 kmNortheast, 150 kmNortheast, 90 km
Driving time from Beijing(one way)About 2.5 hoursAbout 2.5 hoursAbout 3 hoursAbout 2.5 hours
ConditionOriginal Ming Dynasty appearanceIntactThe longest restored sectionUnrestored
Travel time4 hours2 hours2 hours4.5-5 hours
DifficultyStrenuous hikingModerate climbingModerate climbingModerate climbing
Cable carAvailableNoNoNo
Best time to goSummer, AutumnSummer, AutumnSummer, AutumnSummer, Autumn

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Looking for a Hassle-Free China Trip?

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