Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing Travel Guide

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Welcome to Beijing, China's capital and the former imperial capital for over the past centuries. Like its motherland, Beijing is absorbing new things at a lightning speed while trying to keep its cultural legacy intact. Here grand papas still stick to old Hutongs and youngsters have fun with Reggea and iPhone; picky French foodies find authentic croissant and steak here juicy (but probably not their price), and delicious Beijing food let backpacker eat their fill with a low budget.

What to see on your trip to Beijing? Of course, the Great Wall, choose the Mutianyu section-less crowded. Next, the Forbidden City, Beijing's most spectacular site, make sure you climb on the Jingshan Mountain right outside the north gate, and you overlook the entire palace, not everyone knows this. For the Temple of Heaven, architecture isn't everything, people playing Tai Chi and old papas practicing floor calligraphy are full of fun too. Houhai is quite famous, but alleys around Nan Lou Gu Xiang are where local life get staged. The 798 Art District is more touristy these days, but still possible to find the hidden gem in the corner, have a chat with the art worker there, maybe some surprise. If you are kind of a bar animal, then the clubs close to the Beijing Workers' Stadium are pretty much your thing, world-class in their atmosphere and the good-looking partaker.

So, are you ready to meet this ancient but new metropolitan?

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