Best Travel Time of Beijing

It seems the answer to the question of what is the best time of year to do Beijing tours is not straightforward. It really depends on the person answering the question for themselves. If you prefer cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery, visiting in the Autumn is the answer; if you like less crowded attractions and cooler temperatures and don't mind the wind, visit in the spring. Summer is popular, so only come in summer if you don't mind the crowds. No matter what your interests and desires are, there is a season in Beijing for you!

Beijing has a continental climate with four distinctive seasons, long, hot summers and long dry, cold winters. Spring and autumn have beautiful weather, warm and dry. Many tourists avoid spring because of the famed sandstorms, but there are fewer and fewer of these and they do not last long. The summer rain falls during July and August and can make everything fresh. Autumn is definitely the golden season, cool and comfortable. Winter is cold and dry with little snow.

Great Wall in SummerGreat Wall in Summer

The best time to travel to Beijing is, generally, May, September, and October. Autumn is the greatest season in Beijing.  The mature time is so stirring that people cannot help out into the sunshine, finding the pleasure of picking, enjoying the most natural and richest color of the season: the flaming maple leaves, the golden corns, the dark green water, and the crystal clear blue sky. Beijing is fond colorful and joyful. But, at the same time, people who take a winter tour to Beijing always be amazed by the special charm that winter puts on this ancient city. Obviously, winter is exactly the best season for skiing, snow sightseeing, and instant-boiled mutton (hot pot). The ice temperature and the snow-covered season bring the special enjoyment and amusement of life: skiing, skating, going winter hunting, and ice climbing.

Beijing Style Fresh Mutton HotpotBeijing Style Fresh Mutton Hotpot

Now tourists in Beijing can dial 121 to receive daily local weather reports available in both Chinese and English. This is one of the Beijing Tourism authority's efforts to make the city more friendly to visitors. Of course, you can also get online weather information at the China Odyssey Tours website.

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Great Wall?

Visit it at different times to get a quite different scene. In spring, when trees and plants begin to turn green, the wall wonders among the lush vegetation. Everything looks so fresh. It is a good time to avoid the crowd of tourists in summer and autumn. In late spring with the flowers, the bloom is a great time to find a wild section of the wall and hike up to it.

Summer comes, and the booming flowers and colored leaves cover the mountains. The Great Wall snakes its way like a silver necklace. What a nice sight!

When fall comes, the mountains are blanketed by colors, creating an amazing view and the weather during this time is pleasant. This season could be the best season to visit.

The mountains and the wall itself are covered with snow in winter, offering an awesome snowy scene. The weather at this time of the year will be frozenly cold and tourists are fewer. It is the best time to get the whole view of the wall. 

Beijing stages both international and domestic folk activities. The most remarkable ones are the Temple Fairs during the Chinese Lunar New Year when people perform traditional national art forms such as the dragon dancelion dance, acrobatics, and martial art. Contact us for a tailor-made China tour including Beijing!

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