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China city guide

Travel guide for visitworthy China cities

When it comes to taking China city tours, you will have plenty of choices. Thanks to geographical and historical difference, the cities across the vast territory of China are full of their own personalities. Historical Xian has romantic undertone of a far gone era, and modern Shanghai demonstrates a fascinating Chinese developing speed. Royal Beijing packed with grand architectural treasures, and small jasper Guilin dotted scenic peaks and waters. Beyond, there are still leisure and spicy Chengdu, kaleidoscope Hong Kong and idyllic Lijiang etc. make their own contribution to the high diversity of China's numerous cities. Learn more about what to see and how to make the most of the places to visit in China through insider view from our travel experts; you can also find information like how to get there, where to eat to where to buy. Make good use of our first-hand knowledge of destinatins and wish you an unforgettable trip to China.

China’s most visited cities
  • Imperial Capital to Olympic City

  • A city of contrast

  • The finest scenery under heaven

  • Terracotta Warriors & Ancient City Walls

  • Hometown of Giant Panda

  • Pearl of the Orient

Other visitworthy cities
  • One of the longest and most scenic waterways in the world

  • The sacred land closest to the sky

  • The colorful minorities and landscape

  • The loveliest mountain of China

  • City of classic gardens

  • Heavenly city with finest tea

  • A living fossil of ancient Chinese cities