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Entertainment / Shopping

Can you give me some recommendations on what to buy?

Silk, Tea, antiques, paintings, and calligraphy are good items to bring home since they represent unique Chinese culture; Chinese handcrafts like cloisonné, paper cuts, replicas of terra-cotta horses and warriors, jade & pearls are also recommended.

Are there any entertainments we can go and entertain in each city or area, especially during the night time?

China is a large country with a long history and cultural diversity, different places may have different things for you to see and enjoy, and so do the entertainment, for example, in Beijing, you can go and watch the Peking Opera, in Xi'an you can watch and enjoy the Tang Dynasty Show, in Shanghai, you can enjoy the night view by cruising on Huangpu River and watch the acrobatic show, while in Guilin & Kunming, you can go and enjoy the minority show.

Can I use my credit card to pay for the things I have bought?

In friendship stores or some big department stores in big cities, when you buy goods, you can use international credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, Million Card, Federal Card, and the JCB card of Japan.

What are shopping tips?

Visitors who want to bring special souvenirs for relatives or friends may consider the following articles:
Beijing: Jade, Peking opera mask
Xi'an: Replicas of Terracotta Army, shadow puppets
Shanghai: Cheongsam, jade carvings
Suzhou: Silk
Hangzhou: The Dragon Well Tea
Huangshan: Four treasures of the study
Chengdu: Panda dolls, Shu embroidery
Guilin: Scenery paintings, pearls
Yunnan: Puer tea, ethnic group-related items, silverware
Tibet: Tangka, handicrafts
Hong Kong: Top brand goods, electronic products, cosmetics
Other shopping tips:
1) Good bargains can be made with street vendors but not in shopping malls;
2) Always consult your tour guide before spending too much on something;
3) Do not take anything before you have the permit;
4) Keep the receipt or any important documents if you purchase valuable antics;
5) Credit cards are accepted only in large department stores;
6) Think about the weight of your luggage when shopping for heavy items;

I notice that in some of your package tours, Peking Opera in Beijing & Tang Dynasty Show in Xi'an are included, can you give us some advice on what to wear for these occasions?

For these occasions, normally it is not necessary to dress up, you can just wear casual as usual during the tour, but if you prepare a formal dress with you and prefer dressing up, you can also do that.

Will we have a chance to shop for souvenirs during our tour in China?

Yes, you will have the chance to shop for souvenirs while traveling in China, either you can shop in the Department Stores or friendship stores or free markets, sometimes our tour guides will show you to some factories and workshops in which the local specialties are produced and sold.

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