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      • How long can I stay in Tibet?

        As Tibet only allows those who have obtained a Tibet travel permit and arranged a tour with a qualified Chinese travel company to enter Tibet, you can stay in Tibet till your tour is finished. That’s to say, during your time in Tibet, you must stay with the tour guide and have limited free time. Meanwhile, if you want to go to restricted areas (outside Lhasa) you have to apply for additional permits such as Alien Travel Permit. Therefore most travelers would not stay long time in Tibet.

      • What are the permits to Tibet? Can I get the permits from you? How much will I pay for it?

        To enter Tibet, you first have to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit. If you want to go to the unopened areas, you need an Alien’s Travel Permit issued by the PSB of Tibet. As PSB does not issue travel permits to independent travelers who have no travel agency to arrange the tour, we can get the permits for you only when you book a tour with us. The service charge given to the government is around 7-10 dollars per person.

        1) Most people can obtain a Tibet Permit through their travel agency, except diplomats, journalists and government officials who should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Tibet Government.

        2)If you want us to help you with your Tibet Permits, you should provide us your full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, nationality and occupation.

      • How to get permits to Tibet in Hong Kong? 

        Tibet permits can be obtained in Hong Kong through the office of CITS Tibet. 
        2nd Floor of Yixing Mansion
        118, Zhuang Road
        Wangzi, Hong Kong
        Tel: (852) 2922 1028
        Office hours: Mo-Fri 9:00- 18:00, Sat 9:00- 13:00

      • How to adjust to the high altitude and avoid or reduce mountain sickness?
          - Work out regularly before your trip.
          - Drink plenty of water.
          - Lesson physical activities for the first few days.
          - Apply sunscreen.
          - Sleep well at night.
          - Go easy on the alcohol.
          - Carry a portable oxygen canister, take vitamins.

      • What is the requirement for traveling to Tibet so far as health is concerned? 

        A fitness certificate from a registered doctor is required to show that you’re fit to travel and your blood pressure and heart condition are normal to acclimatize the high altitude of Tibet.

    • What is the weather like or climate in Tibet? What do you suggest we bring with us if we travel to Tibet?

      The temperature of Tibet reaches up to 30 degrees in summer and -15 degrees in winter with an annual average temperature of 7.5 degrees. The rainy season runs most in July and August. One thing you should keep in mind is that the temperature varies a lot when in the day and night.

      Warm winter jackets and comfortable sneakers are suggested brought along when you do Tibet tours. To avoid high altitude sickness, it’s also important to keep healthy and prepare some AMS medication before you go to Tibet. 

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