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Guangxi Private Tours: Guilin, Beihai, Nanning and More

Characterized by stunning karst landscape, colorful ethnic culture and beautiful seaside scenery, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is really an amazing fairy land! You can find here "Guilin, the very representative of China's landscape", "Yangshuo, the best of Guilin", "Beihai, a brand new city with Silver Beach", "Nanning, the Green City of China", and "Liuzhou, reputed for its interesting Stone Festival". Moreover, bordering Vietnam in the south, Guangxi is convenient for tourists crossing overland into Vietnam.

Guangxi is a picturesque province of hills and rivers! For visitors, the great appeal of Guangxi is its karst limestone topography which is wide-spread in the region, creating numerous natural wonders. Not only the landscape is gorgeous, but also the local people who live in some small villages, they are very kind! There are a number of prominent ethnic minority peoples living in Guangxi that you may have the chance to encounter in Guilin, Liuzhou, etc, such as the Yao, Miao and Zhuang peoples.

Travel around this amazing land dotted with unique kasrt hills, crystal waters, exquisite stones and intricate caves must be a relaxing and fresh experience.

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Looking for a Hassle-Free China Trip?

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