Guilin Extension Tours: Huangyao, Yangshuo, Longsheng, Sanjiang

Guilin Extension Tours: Huangyao, Yangshuo, Longsheng, Sanjiang

Idyllic countryside view, exciting bamboo rafting experience, awe-inspiring farming miracle, untouched ethnic minority culture, pristine ancient villages…the area around Guilin is full of possibilities and surprises for exploration, if you have a few more days, don’t miss the fun. Here are some popular Guilin extension tours:

Yangshuo County: 1.5 hrs away from Guilin, Yangshuo is not only where the scenic Li River Cruise ends, but also renowned for its “even-better-than-Guilin scenery”. Besides, many outdoor adventure opportunities like hiking, biking, kayaking, bamboo rafting, or rock climbing make it one of the most popular Guilin side tours. 

Longsheng County: with charming natural scenery, awe-inspiring terrace field exotic ethnic flavor, a side tour to Longsheng is perfectly cut out for those longing for minority customs and local villages. The famous Longji terrace field is photogenic all year round but in different colors in different seasons making the 2.5 hrs ride from Guilin quite paid off. 

Huangyao Ancient Town: this 1042-year-old well-preserved town near Guilin with marble paving the walkways of narrow streets and red lanterns hanging in front of brick-laid houses is the best place near Guilin if you want a good glimpse into old-world China. Huangyao Town is around 3hrs ride from Guilin, but it’s closer to Yangshuo, around 2hrs away. 

Sanjiang County: comprised of 15 towns, and 166 villages, Sanjiang County is famous for being the inhabitant of ethnic minority people of Dong, Miao, Yao, and Zhuang, with beautiful scenery and fresh countryside air. Sanjian is to the northwest of Guilin and takes around 3.5 hrs to get there. 

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