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Quite different from other cities in China driving into modernity nowadays, Guilin is more small jasper in south, with innate slow pace and leisure. If you travel to Guilin , you will find popping peaks and transparent rivers around Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng just perfectly explain how a poetic Chinese mountain-and-water painting is like. Good news, this 'painting' rarely pick camera, you can get 'masterpiece' picture all the time, by regardless of a Canon 6D or just your iPhone. The unique landscape here also gave a different flavor to local food, say the rice noodle, everyone here seems can't live without it, endless noodle shop out there ... Mmm, do taste yummy!

As a Guilin native, Li River in the misty drizzle in early March attracts me the most, but probably not the case to your camera. After all, whenever you travel Guilin, always make sure your camera is fully charged.

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