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Quite different from other cities in China driving into modernity nowadays, Guilin is more small jasper in south, with innate slow pace and leisure. If you travel to Guilin , you will find popping peaks and transparent rivers around Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng just perfectly explain how a poetic Chinese mountain-and-water painting is like. Good news, this 'painting' rarely pick camera, you can get 'masterpiece' picture all the time, by regardless of a Canon 6D or just your iPhone. The unique landscape here also gave a different flavor to local food, say the rice noodle, everyone here seems can't live without it, endless noodle shop out there ... Mmm, do taste yummy!

As a Guilin native, Li River in the misty drizzle in early March attracts me the most, but probably not the case to your camera. After all, whenever you travel Guilin, always make sure your camera is fully charged.

Travel ideas about Guilin

Best of Guilin
Best of Guilin
To cover the quintessence of Guilin, you need at least 2 nights/ 3 days, usually 1 day for Guilin city tour to cover landmarks like the Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Trunk Hill, and 1 day for the Li River cruise, and one extra day for the stunning Longji Rice Terraces. Find out detailed tour ideas & itinerary for the best of Guilin.
  • Li River
    Li River
    The quintessential scenery of Guilin lies in the Li River. There are many ways to explore it and gain different experience ranging from cruising to hiking, kayaking. Find out more ideas on our Li River Tours.
  • Paradise Yangshuo
    Paradise Yangshuo

    There is an old saying goes that "the scenery of Guilin is the most beautiful under heaven, yet Yangshuo is even more beautiful than Guilin". The town of Yangshuo is in the shadow of karst mountains and the Li River. A Yangshuo tour is a must once you're in Guilin. Sip a cup of coffee in the West Street nestled in the picturesque scenery.  If your schedule allows a night in Yangshuo, be sure you see the Impression Liu Sanjie, a sensational night show performed in the largest natural theatre in the world.

  • Traveling with Kids
    Traveling with Kids?

    Guilin is full of fun things to do and places to go for families travelling with kids: bamboo rafting in the tranquil Yulong River, cycling in the countryside of Yangshuo, cute animals in the leisurely Seven Star Park …learn more about family tours to Guilin!

  • Longsheng Rice Terraces
    Longsheng Rice Terraces

    The county fo Longsheng is famous for the stunning rice terraces created by Zhuang and Yao people, and natural hot spring. A side tour to Longsheng from Guilin is quite popular among travelers, especially photographers.

  • Outdoor lovers
    Outdoor lovers?

    Outdoor activities lover? There are many hiking and cycling opportunities in Guilin and the surrounding areas. Go and trek along the Li River, measuring its beauty by your feet. Cycling around the villages is also recommended, green hill, gentle breeze, buffalo, crystal river…be happy! Find out more about Guilin hiking tours and cycling tours.

  • Guilin Extension
    Guilin Extension

    Guilin and its surrounding areas are endowed with unparalleled natural beauty and minority folk culture and customs. The romantic town of Yangshuo, the stunning rice terraces in Longsheng, the fascinating Dong and Yao minorities in their villages in Sanjiang make for great Guilin extension tours.

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