Best Time Travel to Longji Rice Terraces of Longsheng

If time allows, Longji Rice Terraces, which is 2.5 hours away from Guilin, is absolutely recommended to be included in any Guilin tours. The best time to visit the terraces depends on which of its seasonal beauty interests you most. As Longji's beauty changes in the four seasons, we suggest you the best time to see the terraced rice fields in each season. You decide when is the best time to travel to Longsheng.

Best Travel Time in Spring

May and June are the best time to see irrigated mirror-like terraces and traditional farming.

Spring is the time local farmers start their one-year hard work in the terraced rice fields. Transplanting rice seedlings and irrigation starts in May every year and will last until June. It is critical that the paddy fields are filled with water during this time. Water in the terraced fields reflects the green paddies and blue sky, and the mountains are covered in the morning mist. This dream-like scene is surely amazing.

Longji Rice Terraces in SpringLongji Rice Terraces in Spring

Best Travel Time in Summer

July and August are the best time to see verdant paddy terraces.

Longji in summer is completely covered in green. During this time, paddies have grown up to almost half a meter high. It is a time of hope. You will be affected by the lively paddies in the fields as well as the happy minority folks in the villages.

Longji Rice Terraces in SummerLongji Rice Terraces in Summer

Best Travel Time in Autumn

September to November is the best time to see the fall color.

For the fans of fall color, Longji is their dreamland. The entire mountain area is in the golden color of fall, extending as far as your eyes can reach. This scene is breathtaking. Once you have got there, no matter how many efforts are made and how much sweat is shed, they are all worthwhile.

Longji Rice Terraces in AutumnLongji Rice Terraces in Autumn

Best Travel Time in Winter

January and February are the best time to see silvery mountains.

Covered in snow, the mountains of Longji turn into a silvery land. The terraced rice fields give Longji the charms unseen in any other snowy mountains. This beauty can only be seen by people tough in winter.

Longji Rice Terraces in WinterLongji Rice Terraces in Winter

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