Guilin Night Market

As night falls, the Guilin night market opens to the tourists. The night market is on Xicheng Road which is downtown Guilin. You can enjoy leisure and shopping there. Guilin night market shopping is really relaxing. There are various kinds of handicrafts, local specialties, and snacks available from 19:00 to 24:00.

Wandering up and down between the stalls of the night market, facing various things that appeal to you, which things to buy in Guilin? There are some souvenirs worth your attention:

The embroidered ball is an ethnic souvenir you shouldn't miss. It is Bright-coloured and full of ethnic characteristics. Throwing the embroidered ball is a traditional game of the Zhuang in Guangxi Autonomous Region, It also became a medium to express the love between the youth of the Zhuang.

Chinese seal is another main souvenir in the night market. You can get one with your own Chinese name on it. After returning home, you can save it on your desktop and use it to stamp your name on the greeting cards or book covers and so on.

When you are interested in something and ask for the price, maybe you will be shocked by the stall owner's quotation. But please take it easy, after your bargain, usually, you can get the indeed cheap and fine goods.

Sometimes the delicious smell from the food stalls will arouse your appetite. You can go to a stall to get a little pickled vegetable, it is sour and sweet, stimulating your appetite. You also can taste Guilin rice noodles which are for Guilin local breakfast, it is a special snack of Guilin, and taste delicious.

Strolling in the pedestrian street, you also can enjoy the cool breeze that comes from Rong Lake and Shan Lake. The fantastic lights from The Sun-Moon Pagodas illuminate the night market quietly.
What a lovely evening you will have!  

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