Guilin Scenery on RMB 20 Yuan Note

The primary image on the reverse side of the new 20 Yuan note is a view of a fisherman on his bamboo raft floating down the Li River through the spectacular Karst mountains of Guilin.

If you ask people in Guilin, most local people will be able to tell you where that is. That is the short distance between Xingping and Yucun, the highlight of the Li River cruise. If you can, take the Li River cruise. When the river takes a big turn at Xingping, the scenery on the 20 Yuan note shows up: the beautiful landscape, the country scenery and verdant bamboo greeting you all the way along the river in the breeze, and fishermen floating by on bamboo rafts with their cormorants. Even you are not realized, your tour guide or other tourists will be cheering to point you the way.

Li River Cruise offers admirers a unique classical Chinese ink painting with its green hills, crystal water, verdant bamboo, and clear water reflection. Along the Li River, sweet water makes the mountains come alive, while the existence of those graceful mountains makes the water more limpid. There is no doubt that Guilin has the perfect combination of mountain and water and has been the best representative of Chinese landscape, just as the former US President Clinton praised "No place in China is more evocative of the beauty of your country than Guilin". "The river winds like a green silk ribbon, while the hills are like jade hairpins" written by Han-Yu (768-824), a famous Chinese poet in Tang Dynasty.

The reflections of the verdant peaks show the fascination of Guilin landscape. Intoxicated in the natural painting, you will get to know why the newly-issued RMB20 note carries the painting of this part of the river.

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