Pingan Village

Pingan Village locates at the top of Longji Terraces. The altitude is up to 1200 meters. The population here is more than 200. Inhabited in the region are all Zhuang Minority, still remain there is the exquisite Zhuang costume and ancient simple living customs.

The well-known Longji terraces change the lifestyle of this quiet village. Every day, there are lots of visitors traveling here, taking a vacation, or taking photos.

Traditional Zhuang Minority Architectures:

The village still maintains its traditional three storied wood buildings with hemp railing. It is the typical high foot railing style construction. The Pingan Village is surrounded by terraces and ecological forest.  The environment is quiet and elegant with a mild climate of four seasons.

The Amazing Sights in Four Seasons:

In spring it looks like silver ribbon, while in summer there are green way one after another, in autumn it looks like many golden towers, and in winter it is just like dragons playing in the water. The different beauty in four seasons is attracted by tourists, photographers, and artists.

The Main Scenic Spots at Pingan Village:

There are mainly two scenic spots. "Seven stars around the moon" locates at the No.2 viewing spot of Ping'an Village. The "Nine dragons and five tigers" locates at the No.1 viewing spot of Ping'an Village.

The two scenic spots are the best place to get a birds eye of the Longji Terraces. They are the best places for photographers to take photos of Longji terraced fields and sunrise.

Life and art are interlinked. The Longji terraces are worth enjoying and tasting.

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