What to See in Guilin

Guilin is endowed with plentiful natural resources and beautiful natural scenery. The city has been a famous destination for thousands of years and is world-renowned for its stunning landscape. Guilin has many amazing sites for visitors to see. Besides Guilin's scenery, there are beautiful parks, fantastic shopping, quaint ancient villages, and colorful minority groups.

Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area

The Two Rivers and Four Lakes are two of the most beautiful scenic spots in downtown Guilin. The two rivers refer to the Li River and the Peach Blossom River. The four lakes refer to Mulong Lake, Gui Lake, Rong Lake, and Shan Lake. This water system is 7.33 kilometers long and occupies an area of over 385,900 square meters. The areas surrounding the Two Rivers Four Lakes area are filled with trees, plants, meandering paths, and small pavilions. Shan Lake has two large pagodas, and on an island in the middle of Rong Lake is a tea house and garden that can only be reached by a zigzagging white marble bridge. The area has become one of the favorite places to stroll for visitors and residents alike. In the evening, there is a cruise that travels through the Two Rivers Three Lakes. At night, the area is especially lovely when its many lanterns and lights are lit. The cruise takes visitors past performances by local people of Guilin Opera, minority songs, and traditional Chinese music. The area is quite captivating and very beautiful.

Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. It is located where the Peach Blossom River merges with the Li River. The hill is a prime example of karst rock formations. The hill's shape resembles an elephant drinking from the Li River. There are many scenic spots located near Elephant Trunk Hill. Visitors can hire small bamboo rafts to take them around the hill.

Elephant Trunk HillElephant Trunk Hill

Seven Star Park

Seven Star Park is the largest and most beautiful park in Guilin. The park got its name from the seven mountain peaks located in the park. The seven peaks resemble the seven stars that make up the big dipper, giving the park its name. There are pavilions located on the hills, offering wonderful views of the park and the surrounding areas. The park features a zoo that has two giant pandas residing in it. There are several garden areas and collections of bonsai trees and beautiful stones. The zoo features a children's area and a Buddhist temple built in the style of the Tang Dynasty. The Seven Star Park Cave is one of the most famous caves in Guilin, and its stalactite and stalagmite formations are fantastic. The cave is cool all year, and a visit to the cave is a wonderful way to cool down during the summer.

The West Street in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a town located 63 kilometers away from Guilin. Most visitors go to Yangshuo by taking the four-hour cruise down the Li River. The Li River cruise offers the most spectacular views of Guilin's world-famous landscape. Yangshuo has a history of more than 2000 years. West Street is at the center of Yangshuo. Its buildings were built in the style of traditional Chinese architecture. The street is lined with shops, hotels, and restaurants. The shops offer many unique handicrafts and works of art. Yangshuo is extremely popular with Westerners, and West Street is often referred to as a "Global Village."

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