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Yangshuo Beer Fish

Yangshuo's most famous dish is Beer Fish and it would be impossible to find anything more local. The fish, usually carp, comes from the Li River from which you are never far away in Yangshuo, sometimes caught by cormorants; the beer is brewed locally in Guilin and the other ingredients are grown by the local farmers in the fields around the town.

A freshly caught carp is braised, on the bone, in a wok along with Liquan Beer, tomatoes, scallions, green peppers, and oyster sauce. The local people are used to dealing with foreigners and know that m#mce_temp_url#any don't like bones, so they usually serve a variety of fish which has fewer bones.

beer fish
Delicious Beer Fish
beer fish
Delicious Beer Fish

This is real family style cooking and visitors really shouldn't miss the opportunity to sample it.

Of course, the best place to eat Beer Fish is as near to the river as possible. The tiny villages all along the river can offer this specialty, and there you may even see your fish being caught in the traditional way, and then cooked in front of your eyes. But your nose and mouth will also be happy when you smell and taste this delicious dish.

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