Hot-air balloon in Yangshuo


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Ballooning over yangshuo


An exciting activity in Yangshuo, Hot-Air Balloon


Do you want to have a panoramic view of all the mountains and rivers of Yangshuo? Do you want to hover in the sky freely like a hawk? If your answer is yes, then ballooning over yangshuo is your best way to realize. 
The best time period for hot-air balloon over yangshuo are within the two hours after the sun rise, or the time before dusk, with the light winds and stable airflow, your travel will be more placidity and comfort. If you hit the time when the sky become clear after a shower, congratulations!  Floating in the pure and fresh air, everything have been washed and take on a very clear look. It is more agreeable!

Yangshuo hot air balloon
Ballooning over yangshuo
Yangshuo hot air ballon2
Have a bird-view of the fields of Yangshuo

Without the awful engines roar and the discomforting shock, unlike other aerocrafts, the flight of hot balloon is placidity and comfort, the thing you should be aware is wear a hat to resist the heat from the flames.


With the hot-air balloon slowly rising, you will feel as if from a common member of the earth to a outlier of this planet, overlook everything which living under you. You will never forget this impression of floating in space, seeing the colorful morning clouds appear on the horizon in the east, moving imperceptibly over the copses of bamboos and orchards, sightseeing farmers plough their paddy fields with water buffalos. When the hot air balloon gently fly over the top of the mountains, you can wave to people who are on the top of it. If you like, you even can rise into higher misty spheres to have a look...