Yangshuo Learn Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a kind of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. People practice Tai Chi to keep their bodies healthy. With Tai Chi, you may control your breathing, pulse and muscles coordination perfectly.

You may see Tai Chi being practiced as an early morning form of exercise. In the picturesque Yangshuo County, learning Tai Chi must be an unforgettable experience for tourists.

There are a lot of schools offer Tai Chi classes, such as the Yangshuo Traditional Taichi School, Long Toushan Tai Chi School and the Wang Zhiping Tai Chi Training Center. Quite a number of people especially foreigners are fond of it. The Tai Chi instructors usually teach students in a beautiful spot, such as the plaza near the West Street.

The main procedure of a Tai Chi class includes:

1)The instructor will perform one set of Tai Chi movements.
2)The instructor will teach students how to do the movements patiently.
3)The students practice the Tai Chi movements several times.
4)The instructor will invite several students to go to the stage to perform in order to increase the interaction between instructors and students. 
5)The instructor will show Tai Chi weapons to students, such as swords.

At the Tai Chi schools, you may book Tai Chi lessons, the instructor will come to tourists' hotels. Tourists may learn the mastered techniques on the banks of the Li River. This is often the perfect way to start a day and get your body relaxed and refreshed for exploring Yangshuo County!

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