After your wonderful sightseeing in Yangshuo, what else can you do in the lovely place? Well, doing some shopping in West street is a good choice. There are plenty of small shops selling all kinds of unique goods which are sometimes hard to find elsewhere. Taking some souvenirs back home will bring you happy memories.

Some items may interest you:
The archaize hand-painted tourist Yangshuo map, which is a combination of art and practical.
In the audio and video stores of Yangshuo, you will see many rare CDs made in western countries, some of them even hardly can be found in the big cities of China.

Please don't miss its local specialties. The county is rich in many fruits and other special foods, among which the most representative are Shatian Shaddocks, the kumquats, and Chinese chestnuts, dried persimmons, ginger candies, the osmanthus flowers…

Traditional Chinese handicrafts such as wax printing and tie-dyed fabrics are known far and near. The Chinese-fashion garments especially the suit-dress are so attractive. You will find some shop that sells very characteristically Chinese cheongsams. Another unique and traditional tourist souvenir is Culture Shirt. It is a cotton T-shirt that painted beautiful Yangshuo scenery or you can have your favorite phrase written in either English or Chinese.

Yangshuo's drawing fan has been famous since ancient times. If you get some advice from an expert who is knowledgeable about the fan, you will be back with satisfaction. If lucky enough, you maybe will search for a valuable antique. But usually, most of what you see are imitative ones.

Maybe sometimes you will be surprised by the quotation. But please remember: You can bargain with the owners for any items at almost all the shops.

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