Local Life Style of Hangzhou People

Hangzhou, as the heaven on earth, has another name - the capital of leisure. Hangzhou has plenty of resources, and the local people make good use of them. Hangzhou locals pay attention to health and live a life of high quality.

Hangzhou locals' lifestyle has three characteristics, facing the West Lake, facing them, and facing their family. Facing the West Lake, Hangzhou people are so proud of it. In their eyes, Hangzhou, the West Lake, and Hangzhou people are the integration. Facing them means that Hangzhou people like to entertain themselves very much. It can be said that Hangzhou people are the most leisurely people in the “heaven”. At weekends, they go to the West Lake to do Mahjong and chat. In 2001, Hangzhou applies for 2006 World Leisure Expo. On the West Lakefront, Hangzhou people welcome international friends all around the world. Facing their family means that Hangzhou people live beside the West Lake with their family. They don't want to leave Hangzhou. In their eyes, Hangzhou is the best city in the world.

Except for the three characteristics, there are many other lifestyles in Hangzhou.

Enjoying the West Lake at Night: 
West Lake at night is perfectly beautiful. Hubin Road is the best place to visit the West Lake and go shopping. There are a lot of stores selling famous brand things. Due to the fashionable and new architecture, it wins a lot of international prizes. And near the West Lake, there is a music fountain against the beautiful West Lake. It is a romantic experience to walk in it.

West lack at night
The West Lake at Night

Hangzhou people like to entertain themselves in bars. There is a famous bar street called Nanshan Road Bar Street. The bars are beautiful and romantic. Many young people love them.

Owing to plenty of natural resources, Hangzhou people make good use of them. They pay attention to their health very much. Hiking, climbing, swimming, and shadowboxing are more and more popular in Hangzhou. The elderly are taking morning exercises along the West Lake every day. It becomes a special scenery!

Hangzhou people are good at making the body healthy. And the most important thing is that they connect it with a career. Due to the perfect integration of the historical tradition and modern technique, traditional Chinese medicine is blooming in this city. For example, the renowned Qing Chunbao Group makes the traditional culture of Chinese medicine and the spirits of the modern enterprise integrated perfectly. It not only succeeds in traditional Chinese culture but also creates a new brand and wins benefits. For another example, Hu Qingyu Drugstore was built in Qing Dynasty. And it is one of the renowned drugstores with a history of hundreds of years in China. Due to the perfect effect, it is famous at home and abroad.

Hangzhou people pay attention to their health, not only a healthy body, but also a healthy psychology and healthy society. They not only care about personal health but also the natural and social environment. Traveling to such a peaceful place must make you feel comfortable!

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