Harbin Attraction

Harbin is a famous international metropolis blending Western culture and Eastern culture perfectly. It is also called "Paris in the Orient", and "Moscow in the Orient". There are lots of famous tourist sites worth seeing. The grand St. Sophia Church, the mysterious woodhouse of Russian style, and the amazing International Ice and Snow Festival, etc must show you the spectacular charm of the City of Ice - Harbin.

The Sun Island Scenic Area: It is a famous scenic spot to prevent sunstroke. It has an area of 38 square kilometers. It got the name of the island - "the Sun Island" because of two reasons. One reason is that the island’s shape is like the sun. The other reason is that there are full of thin sands, which are spectacularly hot under the sun. The island is surrounded by rivers, so the scenery is very beautiful. In the winter, there often exhibits a lot of ice and snow sculptures, which attract visitors deeply. Different scenery in different seasons makes the Sun Island an advantaged natural scenic area.

The St. Sophia Church: It is the biggest Orthodox Church in the far eastern area. It is 53.35 meters high and has an area of 721 square meters. The St. Sophia Church is a Byzantine building. The walls are made of red bricks. One huge onion dome commands four small wigwam domes, which makes the principal and subordinate overall arrangement. On top of the frontispiece is the bell tower. Seven copper bells are just seven notes, which make beautiful music. The grand St. Sophia Church is really a precious building with exoticism.

Central Avenue: It was first built in 1898. Later, it develops into the most flourishing street in Harbin. It is full of European-style buildings. This street is a rare architectural art corridor in China. It is also one of the longest pedestrian streets in Asia. The architectures with exoticism, the thriving shopping malls, and the colorful life of people make this street unique.

Harbin Ice and Snow World: It was first built in 1999. Actually, it is a large-scale exhibition hall of ice and snow sculptures and art. It shows to people the spectacular charm of snow art and snow tourism. The works of snow art are like a huge snow epic picture.

Ya Bu Li Skiing Ground: It is an excellent place to take a vacation in winter. The period from November to next March is the best skiing period. The facilities are perfect here. There are eleven ski runs in all. There is a round run for motors and sleds. If you want to experience an unforgettable winter holiday, come here!

Ji Le Buddhist Temple: It is the biggest Buddhist temple in the northeast area of China. It is the place for Buddhists worship. It fully shows the characteristics of Chinese temple architecture. There is a big and modern pleasure ground near the Ji Le Temple. The famous Harbin Engineering University locates nearby. Here you may feel the academic atmosphere.

Except for the above famous sites, there are many other sites such as the Zhaolin Park and the northeast tiger garden. The famous Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival must give you an unforgettable experience! The sculptors create multi-storied buildings, sculptures, lanterns, mazes, and slides out of giant blocks of ice. The breathtaking works of art are worth visiting both daytime and night!

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