Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival has been celebrated in Harbin annually since 1985. As the largest and most extraordinary of its kind in the world, this great festival is held to coincide with the Harbin Ice and Snow World, Exhibition of Ice Sculptures held in Stalin Park, the Snow Sculptures Fair on the Sun Island and the Ice Lanterns Fair held in Zhaolin Park (in the city center next to the Songhua River). The 41st Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival will be held from January 5, 2025, and last for over one month. Book your ice journey now!

Harbin Ice and Snow FestivalHarbin Ice and Snow Festival

During the festival, many events are held, for example, a fantastic fireworks display (on opening night), winter swimming, ice hockey games, football games on the snow ground, skiing races, speed skating races, ice sculpture competition, poetry jamboree, wedding ceremony, and ice & snow cinematics festival. All these events have attracted numerous snow enthusiasts from around the world to visit Harbin.

Nowadays, this festival has been reputed to be the world-class ice and snow Disneyland.

Sun Island

Sun Island is situated on the north bank of the Songhua River, opposite Stalin Park, noted for its summer resort as well as its winter events. In winter, when snow covers this beautiful island, tourists from all over the world will gather here to ski, make snowmen, take the sleds to draw by the horses or dogs, go sled sailing, participate in the Snow Sculpture Faire... lots of activities you can join. Landing on this island and imbibing fresh air in the snow world, you will linger there to enjoy all the things that you forget to go back to your hotel.

Ice Lantern Art Fair

Harbin is the home of Ice Lantern Art. Started in 1963, it has been successfully held many times in Zhaolin Park in Harbin. This ice lantern art fair is now the biggest and oldest one of its kind and the largest outdoor ice lantern art fair with classic traditional programs. It has sung high praises by many Chinese state leaders and created 7 Guinness World Records in these years.

The materials for lantern making are the ice in the Songhua River, water, and colored lights. Piling, building, laying, sculpting, spraying, watering, and setting the ice according to different themes and overall arrangements in the park, artists from all over the world will display myriad fantastic lanterns before you! Ice building, ice sculptures, ice waterfalls, ice parterres, ice sliding boards, ice calligraphy, ice miniature gardens, ice ad, ice flowers, ice mountains... form a wonderful garden here, wherever you move, what comes into your sight is the diverse beautiful lanterns. If you are lucky, you may participate in the international sculpture competition in Zhaolin Park. But in a word, visiting the Ice Lantern Fair should not be missed on your Harbin trip.

Travel time: From late Dec through the next Jan, Feb and March.

Ice and Snow World

The Ice and Snow World can be traced back to 1999 to greet the arrival of the new millennium. With varied themes in each year, it has been reputed as the ice Disneyland of the world.

On 24th Dec. 2007, the Ice and Snow World received 50,000 visitors at the same time. For meeting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the theme was focused on the Olympics. Just as its theme"Snow World, Olympics Dreams" indicates that it would tell the origin and the development of the Olympics in the ice and snow language, and display its events from a different angle. The Ice and Snow World combined snow with sightseeing, entertainment, and participation.

Ice and Snow WorldIce and Snow World

Besides, in the Ice and Snow World garden, you will admire the most beautiful, grand and charming ice and snow wonders. You can drink in the ice bars, visit the ice inns or hotels, play golf or football games on the snow ground, and go ice rock-climbing or treasure hunting in the ice labyrinth. If you visit there at night, you will see a fairyland decorated with colored lights. At that time, your dreams of the ice and snow will come true there.

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