Harbin Local Cuisine

The local cuisine of Harbin has an endless variety because there are a lot of immigrants in Harbin. Most of them are from Shandong province and Hebei province. There are also many Russian immigrants. Different lifestyle and customs influence the Harbin local life especially the food very much. So the local cuisine is really abundant and unique. Here are some examples as follows:
Da Lie Ba: It is a kind of bread. It is a special local cuisine in Harbin. This big bread has a round shape and 2.5 kilograms weight. It features traditional European taste. The scarfskin is crisp and the inside flesh is soft. It is a perfect food for the old and the kids.

Lao Ding Feng Cake: It is a famous ancient cake shop (Lao Zi Hao in Chinese) in Harbin. It produces all kinds of cakes and bread. The most famous one is the moon cakes. It is crisp, soft and tasty. It can keep a long time and taste still fresh.

The Red Intestines: It is originally from Russia. It has a history of about one hundred years. It is dry and flexible. It has abundant nutrition and it was commented as the excellent food of China. You may eat it with the big bread (Da Lie Ba), it is perfect!

Su He Li: It is another kind of bread. It is not only tasty but also nourishing. It is worth mentioning that it is the ideal food for the people whose stomach is not so good. It can keep a long time, so it is convenient for travelers to take along with.

Except for the local cuisine, there are a lot of Harbin dishes that are famous throughout China. Here are some dishes as follows:
Chicken Braised Mushrooms: It is a traditional and famous dish in Harbin and North East China. First, cut the chicken into the shiver and put them into the stockpot. Second, put shallot and ginger into the pot. Third, when the water is boiling, put the fresh mushrooms into the stockpot. The braised chicken the mushrooms are really nice and delicious.

Three Delicacies on the Earth (Di San Xian in Chinese): The main materials of this dish include potatoes, green peppers, and eggplants. It has an intense taste of soy sauce and salt. This dish is one of the famous dishes in Harbin.

Sweet and Sour Pork (Guo Bao Rou in Chinese): In this dish, the muscle is the main materials. First, put the starchy on the pork and fry them in the pot. Second, put the tomato juice, carrot, lemon, and rock candy into the pot and boil them into sour and sweet juice. Third, put the pork and juice on the plate. It is a traditional dish in Harbin.

The Powder Skin Cold and Dressed with Sauce (Liang Ban La Pi): It is a famous dish in Harbin. First, boil the powder skin and put it into a plate. Second, put carrot and cucumber into the plate. Third, put garlic, vinegar, salt, balm, capsicum and pepper into the plate. It is very tasty and refreshing.

All in all, Harbin is an international metropolis. There are endless kinds of dishes here. It contains the food culture of different places. Welcome to Harbin to taste the delicious food after seeing the beautiful snow festival!

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