Harbin Shopping Tips - Where to Buy in Harbin

The City of Ice, Harbin, becomes more and more popular as a tourist destination due to its amazing ice and snow scenery. It is also an international metropolis. Every year there holds the International Ice and Snow Festival here. Of course for visitors, here is a "shopping paradise". Except for some huge department stores, there are also many featured streets in Harbin which can satisfy different people very much.

Central Avenue: It is the most modern and flourishing street in Harbin. It is full of exoticism. For those who have never been to Moscow, Paris, Roman, and Greece, they may fully appreciate the different architectures of the cities. There are various department stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. In this street, you may buy the fur in Russia, the woolen cloth in the UK, the perfume in France, the watches in Switzerland, and so on. It is just like an international merchandise expo. Since 1997, it has become a pedestrian street, which is more charming than before. Visitors may do crazy shopping and get wonderful sightseeing here.

Jingyu Street: In order to memorize the revolution hero - Yang Jingyu, the street is called Jingyu Street. There are a lot of ancient architectures in this street. Visitors may get a view of different architectures. There are many shops, restaurants, and hotels near the street. Zhaolin Street: In order to memorize the revolution martyr - Li Zhaolin, this street is called Zhaolin Street. This street has a deeply human and historical background. It is also called "the Lilac Street". This street is near to the beautiful Songhua River and the thriving Wan Da Department Store. People can go shopping and get nice sightseeing here.

The Guo Geli Avenue: This Street is a famous commercial street that is full of amorous feelings of Russia. The famous Russian company - Qiu Lin Shopping Mall locates here. Visitors may go crazy shopping there. Besides, there are a lot of stores, hotels, and restaurants in this street. The special Russian railroad car is an attraction for visitors, and the Catholicism Church is also interesting. Tourists can buy some special gifts that have a Russian style for their friends and relatives.

Xuefu Street: It is full of famous universities, such as Hei Longjiang University and Harbin University. It is regular that there must be various shops, restaurants, and snack stalls near universities. Visitors may enjoy the intense humanism atmosphere, wander among the exquisite stores, and taste the delicious snacks of Harbin.

Garden Street: In this street, there is a wonderful Russian market. It sells exquisite articles with Russian specialties. It is the best gift to give to friends and relatives.

Except for the modern department stores and special streets, there are also many markets and small stalls to sell the local articles of Harbin. The paper-cut is popular in the world due to its beautiful designs and colorful contents. The embroidery by using the flax to make different things such as a bedspread, sofa pillow, and dinner cloth is very popular. The print pictures in the A Cheng District are famous for its intense country atmosphere and beautiful scenery in North China. It has exhibited in Japan, Canada, Belgium, etc.

All in all, shopping in Harbin is different from Hong Kong and Shanghai. Except for the crazy shopping in modern shopping malls, the local articles must attract visitors very much.

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