Local Lifestyle of Harbin

Harbin is an international metropolis, and it has become more and more important as a tourist destination. Actually, Harbin is famous for its amazing annual International Ice and Snow Festival and the unique culture with exoticism. Besides, Harbin local's lifestyle combines the best of China's present along with some Russian cultural aspects making Harbin's local culture unique in the world. Harbin has other names, such as "the Moscow in the East", "the Paris in the East", and "the Ice City in North China".

People living in Harbin would like to go shopping at Central Avenue Street after work.

There are several folk activities in Harbin, such as Yang Ge, Er Ren Zhuan, and shadow play. In the morning or in the evening, visitors may see many elder people doing Yang Ge (a kind of folk dance) in the parks. Besides, Er Ren Zhuan, also called Ji Opera, is a traditional folk art in Harbin. It has a history of more than three hundred years. It shows the essence of the folk songs, folk dances, and oral words of Harbin people. Not only old people but also young people like singing it. The shadow plays, which are loved by most Harbin people, are often performed in the theater. People like to see it at weekends.

Harbin people pay attention to the quality of life very much. They like romantic atmosphere. Especially in summer, they like spending the nightlife in various ways. Sophia Square is a good place to spend the night. A lot of people gather here. Some are chatting, some are walking casually, and some are playing badminton. Some children are skating. The music fountain is so beautiful that everybody is attracted to it. The St. Sophia Church looks more charming with the graceful music.

Maybe influenced by the climate, the nightlife in Harbin is colorful but doesn't last long. Most shops close after 9:00 p.m., but there are still many bars open. Bars are the paradise of young people. Here they can relax by singing, dancing, drinking, etc. Harbin people love drinking beer very much. Maybe they are influenced by immigrants from Russian. Harbin is the third highest beer-consuming city in the world after Munich in Germany and Paris in France. Harbin people like making friends by drinking beer, which shows their hospitality and passion. At night, all kinds of barbecue stalls attract people very much. Harbin people like eating barbecues with beer. Chatting with Russian friends on the square is another interesting experience.

Harbin people also like taking a walk along the Song Hua River. In the sky, there are several bright lamps. People make their wish and hope everything goes well. Visitors may join them and do the bright lamp themselves. It must be an unforgettable experience!

Harbin is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city. Its local people work hard and play harder. They have blended the local culture with exoticism in a way unique to Harbin. Harbin is one of a kind, and its friendly occupants are well known for their hospitality, and their ability to make tourists feel quite at home. Welcome to Harbin to enjoy the wonderful International Ice and Snow Festival, splendid culture, and the unique local lifestyle!

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