Things to Do in Harbin

Harbin is a famous international city in China. As a famous tourist destination in North China, it is mainly famous for its beautiful snow scenery and dense exoticism. Besides, there are many interesting things to do in Harbin that must attract visitors.

Going for an outing: Influenced by the nomad in North China in the ancient time, Harbin people like to go for an outing. A lot of companies arrange their staffs to go for an outing to rural areas or natural parks in the spring or autumn. With the development of Harbin people's life level, they will travel to farther places to enjoy the beautiful time.

Going for a picnic: Going for an outing can't part with a picnic. It has a historical origin for that. A long time ago, the nomad in North China liked eating outdoors. Moreover, European immigrants like to go for a picnic at weekends. Later, this habit influences the Harbin people's lifestyle. At weekends, they will go for a picnic with their families. It has become a fashionable activity in Harbin.

Enjoying the Ice Lantern: In the early 1930s, the ice lantern begins to develop based on folk and traditional art. The ice lantern is a very wonderful art. It relies on the landscape garden as the background. It regards architectures and sculptures as the way to exhibit. It uses lights as lamp-house. The various ice lanterns make up of amazing pictures. The annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival and the Lantern Expo become the grand view garden of the lantern art, which attract large quantities of people to visit.

Drinking Beer: In the twentieth century, it produces beer in Harbin. It has a history of about one hundred years. Harbin people love drinking beer. Most of them regard beer as a normal beverage. Some people drink much beer in order to show their heroism and passion to tourists.

Winter Swimming: It is a special sport in Harbin. As is known to all, it is freezing in the winter of Harbin. The outdoor temperature is almost twenty degrees below zero. The Song Hua River is frozen, but they dig the ice and build a swimming pool. People are swimming in freezing water. It is a good way to keep a man's body healthy.

Doing Yang Ge (a kind of folk dance): Yang Ge is a kind of folk dance that dates back from 200 years ago. It was very popular in rural areas when important festivals come. Now, it becomes a daily exercise and entertainment. In the morning or evening, tourists may see old people doing Yang Ge in the park.

Weddings on the Ice: It is the favorite activity that belongs to Harbin's young people. A lot of couples like holding weddings on the ice. They go on skating to enjoy happiness on the ice. This activity has become one part of the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. If the tourists are young couples, you may join them to spend a happy time together!

There are so many interesting things to do in Harbin that tourists must be attracted by the charming city of ice. Tailor-make your China tour with Harbin now!


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