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Hong Kong Restaurants

As the culinary capital of Asia, Hong Kong boasts more than 1,1000 restaurants and it is renowned for its exotic fusion of Eastern and Western flavors. All recommended restaurants below come from 2011 Michelin Guide Hong Kong. Michelin stars stands for the level of high quality and great taste cuisine that restaurants have (3 star is the highest level). Don't miss them in your Hong Kong tours

1. Reservation

Makes sure to book seats in some popular restaurants, especially Michelin recommended ones, as they maybe full during lunchtime around 1pm to 2pm, or at nigh and during weekends.

2. Dress Code

Casual wear is accepted in most Hong Kong dining places, smart casual may be required at high-quality restaurants, you had better keep in mind and check them while reservation. Almost all restaurants operate air-condition, so take your light sweater or jacket could be better.

3. Other charges

Normally, 10% service charge included to your bill. Additional charges maybe pay, such as serving tea, condiments and snacks not included into your bill. You can check the charge in advance.

4. Credit Card Payments

Credit cards are accepted in most Hong Kong restaurants. Check your receipt before signature. Besides, your local credit companies may charge for currency-exchange fee. Check for details from your credit card issuer. Otherwise, some historic restaurants do not support card, so do bring enough money in case.

5. Smoking Ban

Smoking is prohibited in all public areas in Hong Kong. Restaurants, malls, bars, karaoke areas, outdoor activities sections, escalators. If you hold a lighted cigarette or any smoking thighs in non-smoking areas, a fixed penalty are accepted at HKD1,500.

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