Tips of Huangshan Mountain Tour in Winter

Mt. Huangshan's winter lasts long. It snows from November to March the next year but doesn't snow every day in Mt. Huangshan in winter. If you want to visit Mt. Huangshan and also Hong Village and Xidi, you may decide which place to go first depending on the weather forecast. Generally speaking, it will snow as soon as the cold wave comes. The period from November to May next year is the perfect time to enjoy the sea of the clouds on Mt. Huangshan. Especially after the rain or snow, it is suddenly clear, and the sea of clouds becomes colored at sunrise and at sunset.

Mt. Huangshan is misty for almost 200 days a year. A lot of customers missed the amazing sunrise because of the weather. It rains less in winter, So the probability to see the sunrise is much higher than in other seasons.

The lowest temperature in Mt. Huangshan reaches minus ten centigrade degrees in winter. The hotels on the top of Mt. Huangshan, such as the West Sea Hotel and the North Sea Hotel provide free down jackets for customers to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Besides, bringing windproof hats and gloves along with is necessary.

Sunrise of HuangshanSunrise of Huangshan

Tips About Climbing MT. Huangshan in Winter

In winter, it is extremely cold on the mountain. Please make sure your gloves are thick enough to keep your hands warm and buy enough necessities, especially food before climbing the mountain.

After the snowfall, each step of Huangshan Mountain is covered with beautiful snow. Our tour guides will provide you with skidproof spiked shoes for free. The spiked shoes are worn outside your own shoes, so it is convenient and doesn’t influence the effect of keeping your feet warm.

When climbing mountains, bowing a little and going in a zigzag can save your energy.

Winter of Mount HuangshanWinter of Mount Huangshan

Tips About Safety

 Every day, there are workers cleaning the paths of Huangshan Mountain. The paths are very clean. Even after a snowfall, the workers will clean up the snow in time. Visitors do not need to worry about being slippery, but a pair of comfortable hiking shoes are a must. 

There are lights along the two sides of the paths. When customers go to see sunrise or sunset, even if it is dark; you do not need to worry about your safety.

As is known to all, the front Huangshan Mountain is dangerous, while the back Huangshan Mountain is elegant. Elderly people may climb Huangshan Mountain by cable car. For people who’d like hiking, they may climb Huangshan Mountain step by step, going across the Walking Fairy Land Bridge or the West Sea Grand Canyon. In winter, in case of risk, visitors had better climb the mountain by cable car.

In winter, the ponds on the mountain are frozen. In order to prevent fire, the workers dig a hole (convenient to take water) on the ice in case of emergency.

Other Tips

The beautiful sunrise is very famous in Huangshan winter. The best places to see sunrise are the Dawn Pavilion, the Refreshing Terrace, the Lion Peak, the Bright Summit, the Beginning-to-Believe-It Peak, the White Goose Ridge, the Jade Screen Peak, the Lotus Peak, and the Celestial Peak. Visitors may choose the best place according to the hotel they stay in. The staff in hotels update the sunrise time every day. It is convenient for visitors to adjust the time at any moment.

In winter, it is bitterly cold and misty on the top of Mt. Huangshan. In view of the safety of customers, from December 1st to February 28th each year, Celestial Capital Peak is closed. Besides, the newly-created dream scenic area – the West Sea Grand Canyon will open or close according to the actual weather.

If you are a photography lover, do not forget your camera. Huangshan in winter is extremely beautiful. Taking photos in Huangshan Mountain is different from that in other places. Please see clearly where you stand, especially on some narrow paths.

Beautiful Scenic of HuangshanBeautiful Scenic of Huangshan

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