10 Days in China: 3 Itineraries for a In-Depth Tour

Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even lose yourself a little in this incredible tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty. 10 Days in China is way more than just a trip; it's a feeling, an experience, a story waiting to be told. If you are going to visit China in-depth for the second time, my friends, let the adventure begin now!

Pack your bags for an epic journey through China's hidden gems, perfect for the history buffs and nature enthusiasts among us! Starting in Urumqi, where skyscrapers and ancient traditions coexist, you'll quickly discover that walking here is not just a stroll - it's a time travel experience.

The Apak Khoja MausoleumThe Apak Khoja Mausoleum

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Land in Urumqi; Feel The City VibeUrumqi
Day 2Romp Through Southern Pasture; Kazak Family HelloUrumqi
Day 3Road Trip to Korla; Let the Silk Road Tales BeginKorla
Day 4Iron Gate Pass Escapade; Onward to Kuqa's MysteriesKorla
Day 5Buddhist Wonders in Kuqa; Aksu-BoundAksu
Day 6Scenic Drive to Kashgar; Unwind in An Ancient SettingKashgar
Day 7Old Town Charm; Bazaar Haggling and Optional Bike JauntKashgar
Day 8Fly to Urumqi; Hop to Turpan, The Desert's OasisTurpan
Day 9Time-Travel in Turpan; Soak in Historical SplendorsTurpan
Day 10Say Goodbye in Urumqi; Depart with a Backpack Full of Memories-

Imagine stepping into a place where the modern world and ancient traditions dance in harmony - welcome to Urumqi. After you've settled in, take a gentle walk around the hotel; it's a great way to stretch those legs and feel the pulse of the city. The next day, head to the Southern Pasture, a lush green paradise cradled by snow-capped mountains. And the cherry on top? A visit to a local Kazak family. Spoiler alert: their hospitality is as warm as their milk tea!

After a refreshing night in Korla, a historical Silk Road stop, you're off to Kuqa. The journey through Iron Gate Pass to the majestic Keziliya Grand Canyon is like flipping through pages of a geological storybook. It's nature's own art gallery, with mountains painted in shades of red and brown.

Aksu is your next canvas of exploration. Here, the Kilzil Thousand Buddha Caves await, offering a glimpse into ancient Buddhist art. Don't forget the Subashi Temple and the Kuqa Museum, where you'll unravel why Kuqa was the cultural heartbeat of the West Region.

In Kashgar, every corner has a story. The Apak Khoja Mausoleum and Id Kah Mosque are architectural wonders, also narrators of times gone by. And if you thought bazaars were just markets, wait till you see the Sunday Bazaar. It's a carnival of colors, scents, and sounds - a feast for the senses!

Turpan, your desert oasis, awaits with its rich tapestry of history. The Gaochang Ruins and Astana Graves are chapters from a lost era, while the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves and Karez Irrigation Site showcase ancient ingenuity. It's an adventure where history and nature entwine in the most beautiful dance.

As your journey comes to a close, you'll return to Urumqi, carrying with you memories of landscapes, cultures, and stories that will linger long after you've departed.

Get ready to hop on a 10-day magic carpet ride across Taiwan, where we'll zip through bustling cities, glide over serene lakes, and tiptoe around ancient shrines. Ideal for the urban explorer with a soft spot for scenic retreats, this tour is your ticket to Taiwan's cultural and natural highlights.

Bustling City View Near Sun Moon LakeBustling City View Near Sun Moon Lake

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Touchdown Taipei: City Lights and Exciting NightsTaipei
Day 2Sail Sun Moon Lake; Puli's Hidden GemsSun Moon Lake
Day 3Tainan Tales; Kaohsiung's Evening BuzzKaohsiung
Day 4Kaohsiung's Secret Corners; Night on Your OwnKaohsiung
Day 5Kenting's Coastal Wonders; Taitung's Soothing SpringsTaitung
Day 6Hualien's Scenic Splendors; East Coast EscapadesHualien
Day 7Explore the Scenic Taroko National ParkHualien
Day 8Taipei Treasures: From Historic Halls to Towering 101Taipei
Day 9Yehliu's Natural Art; Jiufen's Nostalgic LanesTaipei
Day 10Taipei Adieu: Fly Home with A Heart Full of Memories-

Our starting point, Taipei, is where ancient tradition and modernity play a thrilling game of tag. Here, towering landmarks like Taipei 101 compete with historic sites for your attention. Night markets become your playground, offering a smorgasbord of treats that'll have your taste buds doing backflips. Next, we float across Sun Moon Lake, a scene so serene it'll make you question reality. This is a voyage into a living postcard, surrounded by landscapes that could give Robert Seldon Duncanson a run for his money.

In Tainan, where the past is remembered and relived. Ancient shrines and towers tell stories of days gone by, while Kaohsiung's Love River offers moonlit strolls and a night market buzz that's as lively as a dance party.

Kenting turns up the charm with its national park and coastal vistas that'll have you snapping photos faster than a paparazzi at a celebrity wedding. It's nature's own art gallery, displaying her most awe-inspiring works.

The journey through Hualien is a stepping into a storybook. With the East Coast National Scenic Area's diverse landscapes and Taroko National Park's marble wonders, it's a chapter filled with natural splendor that you'll wish never ends.

As we circle back to Taipei, diving deeper into its vibrant culture. The geological marvels of Yehliu and the quaint allure of Jiufen provide the perfect finale to this symphony of experiences.

Set off on a magical 10-day adventure in Yunnan, a mosaic of cultural wonders and natural splendors. Ideal for adventurers and culture enthusiasts, this journey takes you from the enigmatic Stone Forest in Kunming to the mystical realms of Shangri-La. It's a perfect exploration for those craving a deep connection with China's vibrant heritage.

Lijiang Ancient TownLijiang Ancient Town

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Arrive in Kunming - Unpack or Hit the StreetsKunming
Day 2Get Lost in the Stone Forest; Haggle Like A Local at JingxingKunming
Day 3Dali Bound by Rail; Cycle to Ancient Pagodas; Bai Ethnic Charm in XizhouDali
Day 4Elevate on Cangshan; Panoramic Selfies with Dali BelowDali
Day 5Glide on Erhai Lake; Time-Travel in Lijiang's Cobblestone StreetsLijiang
Day 6Scale the Majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain; Naxi Culture 101Lijiang
Day 7Tiger Leaping Gorge: Where Nature Astounds; Onward to Mystical Shangri-LaShangri-La
Day 8Peaceful Pudacuo and A Stroll in Shangri-La's Age-Old TownShangri-La
Day 9Tibetan Tranquility at Songzanlin Monastery; Highland Hiking AdventuresShangri-La
Day 10Farewell Shangri-La - Fly Out With A Suitcase of Memories-

Welcome to Kunming, a world full of wonder! The Stone Forest is nature's own art gallery, a masterpiece carved by nature itself. The Jingxing Bird and Flower Market is like stepping into a rainbow, if rainbows chirped and fluttered - a living, breathing tapestry of local life and color.
Dali is kind of a way of stepping into a history book, just with better food and fewer quizzes. Your heart will skip a beat as you cycle around the old town, discovering the architectural marvels of the Three Pagodas and the idyllic Xizhou Village, where the Bai minority's vibrant culture comes to life. The day concludes with a mild trek on Cangshan Mountain, offering panoramic views that are nothing short of breathtaking.
A scenic cruise on Erhai Lake introduces you to Lijiang, where cobblestones and canals compete for your camera's attention. The ancient town is so picturesque, even the stones look like they've been hand-painted by an artist!
The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain isn't just a mountain; it's nature's skyscraper! The Baisha Mural Paintings are like ancient comic strips, telling stories in vibrant colors. And the Black Dragon Pool? It's the kind of place that makes you want to write poetry, even if you don't know how.

Shangri-La is a land of legend and mythical utopia; it's real and it's fabulous! Pudacuo National Park is a canvas of nature's most exquisite creations; feels like walking into a high-definition nature documentary. The Gedan Songzanlin Monastery is a sanctuary where peace and spirituality resonate, leaving a lasting impression of serenity.

Journey through the heart of ancient empires and into the soul of nomadic cultures on this enchanting 10-day tour from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar. Discover the awe-inspiring Forbidden City, hike the majestic Jinshanling Great Wall, and immerse yourself in the wild, unspoiled beauty of Hustai National Park. It's an expedition designed for those who seek to experience the depth of culture and the breadth of nature in one extraordinary adventure.

Grassland in MongoliaGrassland in Mongolia

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Land in Beijing, The City of Dynasties, and Settle in the Urban OasisBeijing
Day 2Stroll Tiananmen Square, then Delve into the Enigmatic Forbidden CityBeijing
Day 3Conquer the Ancient Jinshanling Great Wall, a Breathtaking Blend of History and NatureBeijing
Day 4Taste Beijing's Street Flavors, Pray at the Temple of Heaven, Then Soar to UlaanbaatarUlaanbaatar
Day 5Hustai National Park calls - Wild Horses and an Equestrian DreamHustai Reserve
Day 6Step into Karakorum's Grand Past, the Heart of A Once-Glorious EmpireKarakorum
Day 7Karakorum Museum Insights, then Reverence at Erdene Zuu, A Spiritual SanctuaryElsen Tasarkhai
Day 8Wander through Elsen Tasarkhai's Diverse Terrains, Before the Return to UlaanbaatarUlaanbaatar
Day 9Explore the Soulful Gandan Monastery, then Immerse in Mongolia's Cultural EveningUlaanbaatar
Day 10Bid Ulaanbaatar Goodbye, Taking A Piece of Mongolia in Your Heart-

Welcome to Beijing! A city where every corner whispers stories of emperors and dynasties. Here, where the past is revered. Tiananmen Square is a giant's footprint in history. The Forbidden City? a labyrinth of palaces and gardens, reveals secrets of royal life. Climbing the Great Wall at Jinshanling feels like stepping into a painting - vast, surreal, and utterly breathtaking. This is where you'll dance with history, one step at a time.

Delve into the heart of Beijing's culinary scene at a bustling food market. It's a flavor fiesta where spices and stories blend. The Temple of Heaven is a celestial experience, and the Summer Palace is an imperial escape turned public paradise. Then, as the sun sets, you're off to Mongolia - the land of blue skies and endless horizons.

Touchdown in Ulaanbaatar, and the adventure shifts gears. Here, amid rolling steppes, you'll encounter the majestic Przewalski wild horses. A horseback ride across these vast lands lets you experience the nomadic lifestyle that has shaped Mongolian culture for centuries.

Karakorum, once the heart of the Mongol Empire, presents a fascinating mix of history and spirituality. The Erdene Zuu Monastery, a symbol of the introduction of Buddhism into Mongolia, stands as a testament to the country's religious and cultural transformation.

Elsen Tasarkhai provides a stunning contrast with its unique mix of sand dunes and mountain scenery - sand dunes conducting, forests harmonizing, and hills resonating. The excursion to Hugnu Khaan Mountain reveals the diverse landscapes that characterize Mongolia's natural beauty.

Your final days in Ulaanbaatar are filled with cultural insights. From the spiritual serenity of Gandan Monastery to the vibrant displays at the National History Museum and Chinggis Square, you're enveloped in Mongolia's rich heritage. A climb to Zaisan Hill offers a sweeping view of the city, and an evening of traditional dance and Khoomei throat singing provides a perfect end to your journey.

More Itineraries Ideas in China

Ah, the end of our ten-day whirlwind tour of China and its neighbors! It feels like we've time-traveled through centuries, doesn't it? From the dusty trails of the Silk Route to the misty peaks of Yunnan, each day was a chapter from a storybook, filled with legends and tales as spicy as Sichuan cuisine. But hold your horses (or should we say dragons?), the journey isn't over yet!

Just when you thought you could kick off those hiking boots and settle in, we've got a treasure trove waiting for you on our China Travel Inspiration & Guides page. It's like the secret menu of a Chinese restaurant, but instead of mouth-watering dishes, we serve up the juiciest, most intriguing stories and travel tips about China. Hop on, where the people are friendlier, the tea is always hot, and the adventures are just a click away.

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