14 Days Across China: Top 3 Family Holiday Ideas

Behold, loving families! Set off on 2 week-long escapades through China's mosaic of wonders, a journey where each day unwraps like a gift, tailor-made for families with children. It is a voyage not only across places but through stories and shared laughter, where each experience stitches a colorful patch in your family's tapestry of memories.

Itinerary #1: Family Holiday - Culture Palette With Pandas

14 days, 5 cities, countless memories! Picture your kids' faces lighting up at the sight of pandas munching bamboo in Chengdu or their awe atop the Great Wall, where history is literally beneath their feet. It's not just a vacation; it's a family treasure hunt across China, uncovering secrets of emperors and warriors. Perfect for those who love a good history mystery and lovely pandas!

Lovely Giant Pandas in ChengduLovely Giant Pandas in Chengdu

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Beijing Arrival - 'Ni Hao' to New Journey!Beijing
Day 2Forbidden City - Palaces of Emperors, Plenty of HistoryBeijing
Day 3Great Wall - Climb on the Wonder, Be a HeroBeijing
Day 4Temple of Heaven & Tai Chi - Sacred & Peace Xi'an
Day 5Terracotta Warriors - Selfies with Ancient SoldiersXi'an
Day 6Cook & Munch in Xi'an - Master Chef: Dumpling EditionXi'an
Day 7Bullet Train to Chengdu - Feel the Chinese SpeedChengdu
Day 8Panda Watching - Fluffier than Your Favorite PillowChengdu
Day 9Flight to Guilin - Swap Pandas for CavesGuilin
Day 10Li River Cruise - Nature's Best Instagram BackdropYangshuo
Day 11Countryside Exploration - Bucolic BlissShanghai
Day 12Shanghai Sights - Where Tradition Waltzes with The FutureShanghai
Day 13Shanghai Free Day - Discover, Dine, Or Just Doze OffShanghai
Day 14Farewell - 'Zaijian' With A Promise to Return-

Welcome to Beijing! Forget about jet lag, dive into the pool at your hotel and prepare for an adventure. We start at Tiananmen Square, big enough to fit all your family's enthusiasm. Next, the Forbidden City is not so forbidden anymore! Your family joins in, laughing as you try to keep up with the energetic twists and turns. Scaling the Great Wall with your little adventurers - the ultimate family fitness challenge. Who will be the first to reach the top?

Hop on a rickshaw. Let's zigzag through the Hutong! Here, every turn tells a tale, and every door hides a lifetime. A local family welcomes you - they've stories to share and smiles to spare. And the Great Wall? A dragon slumbering across mountains, and you'll be walking on its spine! Don't worry about the climb; cable cars are your secret weapon.

Next stop, Xi'an! A city where history sleeps beneath your feet. The Terracotta Warriors stand guard, each with a story etched in clay. Can you hear the silent whispers of ancient battles? Xi'an is also a playground for your taste buds. You'll dive into a local family's kitchen - get ready to wrestle with dough and dance with noodles. Your culinary skills are about to level up!

Chengdu calls, and it's all about pandas! Ever seen a panda do yoga? Or maybe munching bamboo like there's no tomorrow? This is your chance to get up close and personal with these furry celebrities.

However, there are more than just pandas in Chengdu. It's a city that swings to the rhythm of teacups and spicy hotpots. You'll wander through ancient streets, sipping tea like the locals or maybe even flirting with a fiery Sichuan dish. Dare to take the spicy challenge?

Oh, Guilin, where the hills play hide and seek with the clouds. You'll glide down the Li River, where each bend reveals a painting come to life. The Reed Flute Cave? You are stepping into a crystal palace, with nature as the architect. Yangshuo's countryside is a breath of fresh air, literally. You'll cycle past rice paddies, wave at the farmers, and maybe chase a few ducks. The nature's playground is at your fingertips.

Finally, Shanghai - a city dressed in neon and nostalgia. The Bund is a catwalk where old-world charm meets futuristic fashion. Yu Garden whispers tales of yesteryear, and the Propaganda Poster Art Center is you flipping through China's family album. Your last day is a canvas - paint it as you wish. Joyful Disney, museum mysteries, or just soaking in the city's pulse. It's your story, after all.

Itinerary #2: Family Holiday - Movie Wander to Avatar

Ever wondered what it's like to stroll along Shanghai's bustling Bund, or to stand atop the Great Wall, feeling the whispers of history beneath your feet, or explore the Avatar Mountain in reality? This journey is your answer, tailor-made for families like yours, especially those with teenagers eager to explore and learn, and offers a colorful experience!

Avatar Mountain of ZhangjiajieAvatar Mountain of Zhangjiajie

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Shanghai Awaits! Dive Into The City's Vibrant EnergyShanghai
Day 2Shanghai's Soul: From The Bustling Bund to Serene Yu GardenShanghai
Day 3Zhujiajiao Old Town: Time-Slipping in Waterways, then to Zhangjiajie!Zhangjiajie
Day 4Zhangjiajie's Magic: Wander Through Avatar's Real-Life WonderlandZhangjiajie
Day 5Heart-Racing Heights at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon & Glass BridgeZhangjiajie
Day 6Conquer Tianmen Mountain, Then A Cultural Leap to ChengduChengdu
Day 7Be a Panda Hero: Volunteer and Cuddle in ChengduChengdu
Day 8Chengdu's Charm: Play Mahjong, Relax in Wangjiang Park, then Xi'an BoundXi'an
Day 9Xi'an's Ancient Echoes: Terracotta Warriors and A Local Muslim Home ExperienceXi'an
Day 10Xi'an to Beijing: Ancient City Wall Bike Ride, then Northward bound!Beijing
Day 11Beijing's Imperial Majesty: Forbidden City and Temple of HeavenBeijing
Day 12Great Wall at Jinshanling: Step into History with A Scenic HikeBeijing
Day 13Beijing Unleashed: A Free Day to Explore the City's Hidden GemsBeijing
Day 14Farewell China: Depart with A Heart Full of Memories-

Our tale begins in Shanghai, the gleaming gem of modern China! Your tour begins with a leisurely walk along the Bund, as Art Deco facades echo tales of jazz-age splendor, starkly opposed against the sci-fi skyline of Pudong. In Yu Garden, let the scent of jasmine guide you through ancient pavilions, each stone an unspeaking witness to centuries of laughter and gossip. Don't forget Zhujiajiao, where narrow canals weave through ancient houses. Here, savor dumplings that burst with flavor, a reminder that in China, history is also a savor!

Next, you're off to Zhangjiajie, the exact place that inspired the movie 'Avatar.' Standing on the glass bridge, the crystal path suspended in the heavens, your heart skipping a beat as you peer into the abyss. Feel the mist of the hidden valleys as you ascend Tianmen Mountain; nature's grandeur will simply leave you speechless.

In Chengdu, prepare for some heart-melting moments as you join a Panda Volunteer Program. It's not just about seeing pandas but helping them too - a memory your family will cherish forever. Later, stroll through Jinli Old Street and Wangjiang Park, where the leisurely pace of life will teach you the art of slowing down. Join a game of Mahjong and let the rhythmic clacking of tiles transport you to a world where time lingers energetically in the air.

Xi'an, once the start of the Silk Road, is now a junction of cultures. Standing before the Terracotta Warriors, there's a thought: If these warriors could talk, what stories would they tell? But the real magic happens in a local Muslim home. Here, bond over hand-pulled noodles and some other homely dishes. It's about people's connections, not merely the sightseeing.

Our journey culminates in Beijing, the heart of the dragon. From the majestic Forbidden City to the serene Temple of Heaven and the awe-inspiring Great Wall, each site is a chapter in China's grand narrative. Your last day is free for exploration - get lost in the city's vibrant streets, loot some hidden treasures, and make those final memories.

Itinerary #3: Family Holiday - Explore Hometown of Kung Fu

Step into a 14-day family holiday across China, where each day unfolds like a page from a mystical storybook. Want to be The Karate Kids? This 14-day escapade is perfect for families eager to dive into the rich tapestry of Chinese history, culture, and natural beauty. From dazzling Hong Kong, the hometown of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and other kung fu stars to the martial arts mastery of the Shaolin Temple, this tour is a combo of experiences that will enchant both young and old.

Kung Fu Show in Shaolin TempleKung Fu Show in Shaolin Temple

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Hello Hong Kong! Skyscrapers Meet Dim SumsHong Kong
Day 2Aberdeen's Watery Wonders; Stanley's Shopping Spree; Victoria's Peak PeeksHong Kong
Day 3Freewheeling in Hong Kong - Museums? Star Ferries? Your call!Hong Kong
Day 4Scenic Train to Guilin - Next Stop, Natural Beauty!Guilin
Day 5Cruise on Li River - Karsts, Caves, Oh My!Yangshuo
Day 6Pedal Through Yangshuo - Where Green Hills Smile BackYangshuo
Day 7Zip Back to Guilin, Fly to Xi'an - Time-Slipping to Ancient WarriorsXi'an
Day 8Meet the Terracotta ArmyXi'an
Day 9Speed to Luoyang - Buddha's Hiding in The GrottoesLuoyang
Day 10Kungfu Fun in Dengfeng, Bow to Shaolin MastersBeijing
Day 11Wander Beijing's Forbidden City - Feel Like An Emperor For A DayBeijing
Day 12Conquer the Great Wall at MutianyuBeijing
Day 13Drift through the Summer Palace - Dragon Boats and Royal GardensBeijing
Day 14Say 'Zaijian' to Beijing - Hearts full, Bags Heavier-

Your tale begins in Hong Kong, where skyscrapers are like sentinels of the future, standing guard over a city steeped in tradition. Glide through the floating village of Aberdeen, where the water tells stories of old fishermen. Let the kids haggle for trinkets in Stanley Market - a playful introduction to the art of negotiation. And atop Victoria Peak, as you gaze upon the city lights, share a family moment that feels like a secret whispered by the stars.

Behold Guilin, the Li River, a ribbon tying together tales of ancient fishermen and mystical hills. In Yangshuo, cycle through the countryside - a patchwork quilt of green. In Gaotian Village, let your children's laughter blend with the local kids', as they learn the simple joy of rural life. The magic is here, in connection with the land and its people.

In Xi'an, the Terracotta Warriors stand in eternal vigil. Whisper to your children the secret tales of each soldier, a game of imagination linking past and present. The Muslim Quarter is a feast, not just for the palate but for the soul, with its vibrant alleys and the warmth of shared kebabs.

The Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang are a testament to devotion carved over centuries. Let your family be storytellers, conjuring tales of monks and emperors from the stone. Feel the serenity that has soaked into these rocks. The Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng is where legends come alive. Watch your children's eyes widen as they learn Kung Fu moves from monks, a dance of strength and discipline. It's not only a lesson in martial arts but in focus and respect.

Finally, Beijing. The Forbidden City is a journey through the heart of Chinese royalty, each courtyard a page in the book of dynasties. Trekking the Great Wall, share a story of resilience and ambition, inspiring your children to dream big. And in the Summer Palace, find a moment of peace, a family picnic by the lake, under the watchful eyes of ancient emperors.

Forbidden City in BeijingForbidden City in Beijing

Pack for Your Family Holiday in China!

As the final chapter of our China family tour closes, you find yourself sitting in the quiet afterglow of an incredible odyssey, your heart brimming with a collage of memories that are as vivid and varied as the landscapes you've traversed.

What if the happy journey didn't have to end here? What if you could continue your family's saga, weaving through the diverse tapestries of China's enchanting neighbors? Our next article, 14 Days Through China and Its Enchanting Neighbors, is your gateway to more spellbinding experiences.

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