14 Days in China: 4 Inspiring Itinerary Ideas

From the pulsating alleys of Beijing to the stoic clay warriors of Xi'an, the playful pandas of Chengdu, and Hong Kong's neon serenade, your voyage promises to be a collection of unforgettable snapshots, a mosaic of moments etched in the annals of your heart.

So, dear wanderer, as you peruse this article, you're sketching an odyssey, a symphony that harmonizes ancient rhythms with the contemporary chorus. Welcome to the true essence of China!

Get on a 14-day culinary carousel twirling you through China's majestic history and vibrant flavors! From sipping tea amidst Beijing's ancient grandeur to chasing Michelin stars on Hong Kong's neon-lit lanes, this journey is a perfect platter for enthusiasts hungry for a cultural banquet. It's more than tasting food, it's about creating tales with every bite, from the Great Wall to the bustling streets of Guangzhou. Ready for an unforgettable adventure peppered with history and drizzled with fun?

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Touchdown Beijing! Shake off Jet Lag and Prep for WonderBeijing
Day 2Meander through the Forbidden City, Savor Peking DuckBeijing
Day 3Conquer the Great Wall - A Stairway to History, Evening in the CityBeijing
Day 4Zoom to Xi'an: Ancient city, Modern Vibes, Get Lost in TimeXi'an
Day 5Army of Terracotta Warriors Awaits, Muslim Quarter BuzzXi'an
Day 6Delve Into Xi'an's Heart: Cook, Converse, and Connect, Next: Chengdu's Spicy Embrace!Chengdu
Day 7Panda Paradise Morning, Afternoon: Tea and Tales in People's Park, Pure Chengdu!Chengdu
Day 8Chef's Hat On! Sizzle in a Sichuan Cooking class, Unleash Your Inner ChefChengdu
Day 9Wing It to Guangzhou, Culture dip!Guangzhou
Day 10Yum Cha Delight in a Teahouse, Munch and Meander through Old MarketsGuangzhou
Day 11High-speed to Hong Kong, Street Food Bonanza - Michelin Stars and All!Hong Kong
Day 12Hong Kong's Best: Peek from the Peak, Sampan Ride, and Market MadnessHong Kong
Day 13Your Hong Kong Story, Go wild, it's a Free Day!Hong Kong
Day 14Wave Goodbye-

Welcome to Beijing, where history greets you with a grand bow! After shaking off the jet lag, dive headfirst into the city's iconic sights - the vast Tiananmen Square and the regal Forbidden City. But let's not forget why you're here: the food! Picture yourself biting into a Peking Roast Duck, each mouthful a symphony of crispy, juicy delight. Then, meander through the Hutongs, where street food vendors hawk everything from savory Jianbing to the sweetest Bingtanghulu. Your taste buds will thank you, even if your waistline won't.

Next stop, Xi'an, the starting line of the Silk Road. Here, history isn't only in the museums; it's on your plate! You'll meet the Terracotta Army, silently judging your chopstick skills. Then, get lost in the bustling Muslim Quarter, a paradise for the palate where you can munch on Roujiamo, China's answer to the hamburger. Don't miss the chance to cook with a local family, where you'll learn the ancient art of noodle-pulling. It's harder than it looks, but hey, you'll work up an appetite!

Brace yourselves, you're heading to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, where the food is as hot as the summer and twice as spicy! Visit the adorable giant pandas, and then prepare to set your mouth on fire with a traditional Sichuan hotpot. For those who consider themselves culinary adventurers, this is your Everest. Remember, there's no shame in crying at the table - it's just the chili talking.

As you saunter south to Guangzhou, the culinary landscape shifts. Cantonese cuisine is all about the natural flavors, which means less spice and more nice. Yum cha is the name of the game here. A lazy morning filled with the steaming baskets of dim sum and the clinking of teacups. The perfect antidote to the fiery Sichuanese fare you've left behind.

Finally, you arrive in the dazzling, dizzying metropolis of Hong Kong. Here, the food scene is as diverse as the city itself. From Michelin-starred street food to the heights of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong will leave you breathless - and possibly a few pounds heavier. Be sure to take a sampan ride in Aberdeen for an authentic taste of local life.

Sichuan CuisineSichuan Cuisine

Journey through China's mosaic of marvels on a 14-day adventure, where ancient tales come alive in Shanghai's bustling streets and Guilin's tranquil waters. Ideal for the inquisitive adventurer, this tour offers a blend of educational encounters with Xi'an's age-old Terracotta Army and playful exploration through Beijing's winding Hutongs. It's a narrative of nations, a dance of dynasties, perfect for those eager to share stories not just seen but deeply felt.

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Shanghai Shenanigans: Arrive and explore the city lightsShanghai
Day 2Shanghai Spectacles: The Bund, Museum, and Jade BuddhaShanghai
Day 3Suzhou's Secret Gardens and Serene Canal CruiseSuzhou
Day 4Tongli Tales: Water Town WondersHangzhou
Day 5Hangzhou Highlights: West Lake, Temples, and TeaHangzhou
Day 6Guilin Getaway: Reed Flute Cave and City SightsGuilin
Day 7Longji's Lush Landscapes and Yao Village VibesGuilin
Day 8Li River Leisure Cruise, Yangshuo's YonderYangshuo
Day 9Xi'an X-travaganza: Big Wild Goose Pagoda AdventureXi'an
Day 10Xi'an Xcitement: Terracotta Warriors and CalligraphyXi'an
Day 11Beijing Bound: Muslim Street and Mystical MosqueBeijing
Day 12Beijing's Best: Forbidden City, Hutongs, and HistoryBeijing
Day 13Great Wall Wonders and Evening ExtravaganzaBeijing
Day 14Temple of Heaven and Farewell to Beijing-

Welcome to Shanghai, where skyscrapers and street vendors create a symphony of the senses! Begin your journey amidst the architectural acrobatics of The Bund, where buildings whisper tales from the 1920s. Next, a sneak peek into history at the Shanghai Museum - think ‘Night at the Museum', just without Ben Stiller and with more ancient artifacts. The Jade Buddha Temple offers serenity, and Nanjing Road? Well, a shopping spree waiting to happen, wallets, beware!

Hop aboard the high-speed train to Suzhou. Here, the Humble Administrator's Garden isn't so humble after all, boasting beauty that would make even the snootiest aristocrat blush. Then, enjoy a Suzhou Canal Hand-rowed Boat Tour - it's Venice of the east. Don't miss the No.1 Silk Factory - it's the silky smooth secret behind your favorite ties and scarves.

Next, you tiptoe to Tongli, where waterways wink at weathered bridges and ancient homes. Tuisi Garden is a horticultural heaven, and Ming and Qing Dynasty Street buzzes with the banter of centuries past.

In Hangzhou, you boat-bob on West Lake across its mirrored surface, sneak a peek at Lingyin Temple, and climb Feilai Peak. Don't forget the Dragon Well Tea Plantation!

Fly to Guilin and greet the Elephant Trunk Hill, nature's own sculpture. The Reed Flute Cave? A subterranean spectacle of stalactites and stalagmites, with a light show that's out of this world. The Longji Rice Terraces will have you questioning whether you're in a postcard.

Xi'an, where terracotta warriors stand guard, still waiting for their emperor's next command (however it's been a while). Then, Muslim Street, a feast for your eyes and belly alike. Don't forget to haggle for a trinket or ten!

Finally, Beijing! A hop, skip, and a jump away, the Forbidden City unfolds like a scroll of ancient secrets and stories, hutongs offer a slice of old Beijing life, and the Temple of Heaven is where heaven and earth have a quick chat.

West Lake, HangzhouWest Lake, Hangzhou

Step into a realm where pandas frolic and warriors stand guard! On this 14-day escapade, you'll tickle your fancy in Chengdu's panda playgrounds, march alongside Xi'an's Terracotta Army, and unravel the Silk Road's mysteries in Dunhuang, Turpan, and Kashgar. Beijing awaits with tales etched in its ancient walls, from the Great Wall's mighty stretch to the Forbidden City's silent secrets. Ideal for travelers with a zest for culture and a pinch of adventure, this journey promises a spectacle of experiences.

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Chengdu Awaits, Pandas Galore!Chengdu
Day 2Panda Hugs and Tea Time DelightsChengdu
Day 3High-Speed to History, Xi'an BeckonsXi'an
Day 4Meet the Terracotta Army, Xi'an's GuardiansXi'an
Day 5Dunhuang's Desert Tales, A Mystic JourneyDunhuang
Day 6Ancient Caves and Dunes' LullabiesDunhuang
Day 7Cave Marvels, Onward to Turpan's OasisTurpan
Day 8Whispering Ruins, Echoes of TimeTurpan
Day 9Kashgar's Exotic Allure, Silk Road's HeartKashgar
Day 10Bustling Bazaars, Mosques Whispering HistoryKashgar
Day 11Imperial Splendor in BeijingBeijing
Day 12Forbidden Secrets, Regal GardensBeijing
Day 13Great Wall Wonders, Temple of SerenityBeijing
Day 14Goodbye China, A Journey to Remember-

Ah, Chengdu! Home of spicy hotpot and the adorable, bamboo-munching pandas. Here's a secret: the pandas aren't just cute; they're undercover agents of laughter. Watch them tumble and play, and if you listen closely, you might just hear them giggle at your awestruck faces. After your panda pilgrimage, meander through Jinli Street. It's a step into a Kung Fu movie set, though without the flying warriors (sadly).

Next, hop aboard the history express to Xi'an. Marvel at the Terracotta Warriors, standing guard for centuries. Cycle atop the Ancient City Wall. It's the Great Wall's less famous cousin - equally charming but without the crowding. Fly to Dunhuang for a date with the Mogao Caves. The Mogao Caves are a gallery of Buddhist art. It's like a divine comic book etched in stone. The Singing Sand Dune and Crescent Spring await nearby.

Onward to Turpan, via the Yulin Cave - it feels Mogao's little sibling, smaller but with plenty of sass. Explore ancient cities and Buddha grottoes that echo tales older than your grandma's sourdough starter. You'll explore Emin Minaret, it's really tall - how's the weather up there? Jiaohe Ruins - where ancient stories are whispered by the winds.

Kashgar, a Silk Road jewel. Wander through the lively Sunday Bazaar. It's a carnival of colors and a jamboree of jingles. The Id Kah Mosque stands proudly, whispering tales of travelers past.

Finally, Beijing, the grand finale! Scale the Great Wall, more like the Great Walk! The Forbidden City feels like an ancient version of MTV Cribs. The Summer Palace is a royal retreat, even emperors needed a break. The Temple of Heaven, where ancient emperors prayed for good harvests - or maybe for their favorite team to win.

Giant Panda, ChengduGiant Panda, Chengdu

Step into a realm where ancient legends and modern tales intertwine in our 14-day China adventure! From the echoing steps along Beijing's Great Wall to the playful antics of Chengdu's cherished pandas, each moment is a brushstroke in China's rich tapestry. Glide along the Yangtze, unveiling secrets of the Three Gorges, and stand amidst Xi'an's silent Terracotta army. As Shanghai's skyline twinkles in the twilight, you will find a harmonious blend of history and modernity, crafting unforgettable memories in the heart of China.

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Beijing Begins: Rest & RechargeBeijing
Day 2Emperor's Echo, Hutong HustleBeijing
Day 3Wall Wanderlust, Tomb TalesBeijing
Day 4Heavenly Harmony, Cruise KickoffYangtze River Cruise
Day 5Dam Daydreams, Gorge GrandeurYangtze River Cruise
Day 6Stream Stories, Gorge GloryYangtze River Cruise
Day 7Ghostly Greetings, Mythic MoseyYangtze River Cruise
Day 8Chongqing Chapter, Chengdu CalmChengdu
Day 9Panda Playtime, Temple Time, Street StrollsChengdu
Day 10Xi'an Exploration: Culture & CuisineXi'an
Day 11Warrior Waltz, Wall WondersXi'an
Day 12History Hops, Shanghai ShiftShanghai
Day 13Shanghai Splendors: Historic Haunts, Modern MarvelsShanghai
Day 14Farewell Flutter, Skyward Journey-

You'll kick off at Tiananmen Square, where history whispers through the stones. Next, the Forbidden City, where the secrets are more guarded than your internet history. But wait, there's more! The Great Wall at Mutianyu, less crowded, so that you can photobomb fellow tourists' pictures with ease. End your Beijing ballet at the Temple of Heaven, where emperors once prayed for bumper harvests.

Next up, the Yangtze River Cruise. Imagine floating through a Chinese painting, with misty mountains and emerald waters. You'll visit the Three Gorges Dam, a modern marvel that'll make your jaw drop. The Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge are next, with their lush landscapes seemingly ripped from a fantasy novel. Fengdu Ghost City's next - a spooky spectacle on Mingshan Hill, with quirky statues and stories of the afterlife.

Off to Chengdu! First stop: the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. Tip: Don't challenge pandas to a 'who's more lethargic' contest - you'll lose completely. Wander through Jinli Old Street for a taste of ancient China and finish your day with a traditional tea house visit. Here's where you could spill the tea - literally.

Xi'an, where you'll face the Terracotta Warriors. These clay soldiers have been standing guard for millennia, yet they're still better dressed than most of us after a hangover. Cycle atop the Ancient City Wall - it's your usual bike ride but with ancient fortifications. You'll also roam around Muslim Street, where the food is so good, that you'll forget about your diet plans. Remember, calories on vacation don't count!

Finally, Shanghai - where the past and future collide in a neon-lit spectacle. Wander the Bund for architectural time-slipping, and Yu Garden for peace in the city's heart. In Xintiandi, mingle with the trendy crowd, and the silk workshop visit is your chance to embrace your inner emperor or empress - selfie stick optional.

Hutong, BeijingHutong, Beijing

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As we part ways, let's not say goodbye. Instead, let's bid each other 'Zai jian', until we meet again, perhaps on another trail, another tale. For those yearning for more, Odynovo invites you to embark on another adventure with us, a journey tailored for the entire family - the 14 Days Family Holiday Across China. Let's continue to feed our wanderlust and whet our appetites for discovery. Until our paths cross again, keep the spirit of exploration alive!

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