2 Weeks Around China: Top 3 China Nearby Itineraries

Hello, fellow seeker of stories and sunsets! Join us, share the laughs with locals and find magic in the mundane, in China, walking the Great Wall, feeling each ancient stone pulsate with stories. Japan, with its samurai legacy, is a canvas of contrasts. Relive the tranquility of Kyoto's temples, a stark contrast to Tokyo's exhilarating rhythm. And South Korea, a land where traditions tango with technology. Seoul is a city that never sleeps, yet whispers tales of bygone dynasties in its serene palaces. Nepal, our gateway, is a realm where spirituality paints the skies. From the serene stupas to the vibrant streets of Kathmandu, every corner sings a hymn of harmony.

Ready to laugh, explore, and perhaps even shed a tear at the beauty of it all? Let's embark on this cinematic 2-week China nearby adventure together!

Get ready to swap your couch for a rickshaw on this epic 2-week escapade from Seoul to Beijing! Begin your adventure in Seoul, mingling with ancient kings at Gyeongbokgung Palace and delving into the DMZ's secrets. Next stop, China! Here, you'll saunter along Shanghai's Bund, cruise on Guilin's Li River, and play with Xi'an's Terracotta Warriors. The grand finale? Conquering Beijing's Great Wall with the spirit of an ancient warrior. Designed for the bold-hearted and the culturally curious, this 2-week itinerary is your ticket to an East Asian odyssey!

The Great Wall, ChinaThe Great Wall, China

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Land in Seoul, Embrace the Vibrant Heart of KoreaSeoul
Day 2Gyeongbokgung Palace Whispers Tales of Old, Strolls through Hanok's Timeless StreetsSeoul
Day 3DMZ: Where History's Echoes Meet Today's HopesSeoul
Day 4Fly from Seoul's Soul to Shanghai's Spirit, City of ContrastsShanghai
Day 5Shanghai's Melody: The Bund's History, Yu Garden's TranquilityShanghai
Day 6Guilin Bound: Where Karst Mountains Kiss The SkyGuilin
Day 7Longsheng's Rice Terraces: A Stairway to Heaven's GreenGuilin
Day 8Drift Along Li River, where Nature's Brush Paints Serene ScenesYangshuo
Day 9Yangshuo to Xi'an, Cycle through Karst Dreamscape, Fly to Ancient Emperors' LandXi'an
Day 10Stand before Xi'an's Terracotta Army, Silent Guardians of HistoryXi'an
Day 11From Xi'an's Past to Beijing's Embrace, where Ancient Walls AwaitBeijing
Day 12Forbidden City's Secrets, Tiananmen's Tales, and Heaven's TempleBeijing
Day 13Mutianyu Great Wall, Walk in The HillsBeijing
Day 14Farewell Beijing, with Memories Etched Like Carvings in the Wall-

As you land in Seoul, South Korea, the pulse of this high-tech city beats like an energetic K-pop song. Stepping into the grandeur of Gyeongbokgung Palace, feels like a character in a historical documentary. However, instead of a script, you get to create your own story, wandering through the ancient halls and pondering what secrets they could hold. Strolling through Bukchon Hanok Village, it's easy to feel like you've slipped into a serene Korean drama set - but without the dramatic plot twists, of course! And atop the N Seoul Tower, with the city lights sparkling below.

N Seoul Tower, South KoreaN Seoul Tower, South Korea

Next, you'll find yourself at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a place that's as intriguing as it is solemn. It's a living monument to peace and conflict, a stark reminder of a divided history. By the time you're back in Seoul, you'll have a deeper understanding of Korea's past.

Journey into China. Arriving in Shanghai feels like stepping onto a sci-fi movie set. The Bund, with its colonial architecture, faces off against futuristic skyscrapers across the river, like a scene from Blade Runner. Yu Garden offers a peaceful respite, a pocket of tranquility amidst the urban rush. Here's a tip: try the soup dumplings in Yuyuan Market - a culinary explosion in your mouth! Shanghai's charm lies not just in its sights but in the rhythm of its streets - a dance of past, present, and future.

Up next, Guilin. This is nature's canvas, painted with the most exquisite strokes. The Li River Cruise is a serenade of nature - think majestic limestone karsts, sleepy villages, and fishermen on bamboo rafts.

In Xi'an, the Terracotta Warriors await us, standing guard over the dreams of a forgotten emperor. As you gaze upon them, you can't help but wonder about the secrets they've kept for over two millennia. The Muslim Street buzzes with energy, a sensory overload with the aroma of spices and the sound of sizzling woks.

Imagine hopping from the bustling bazaars of Kathmandu to the serene monasteries of Tibet, then zipping through the Chinese countryside on a scenic train ride. This 14-day journey is your ticket to an epic cultural marathon! Get ready to be awed by Kathmandu's ancient temples, Tibet's tranquil monasteries, and Beijing's imperial grandeur. This 2-week China nearby tour is a cultural buffet, ideal for those who love a good story and a stunning view.

Durbar Square, NepalDurbar Square, Nepal

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Arrive, Buzz through Kathmandu's StreetsKathmandu
Day 2Temple Tales and Market Madness!Kathmandu
Day 3Spiritual Stupa Visits, Evening in BhaktapurKathmandu
Day 4Soar to Lhasa, Road Trip to Tsetang's TreasuresZedang
Day 5Travel in Tsetang, Then Lhasa Lights BeckonLhasa
Day 6Lhasa's Jewels: Palaces, Temples, and Living HistoryLhasa
Day 7Lhasa's Sequel: Green Escapes and Monk ChatsLhasa
Day 8Aboard The Train, Scenic Wonders AwaitOn Train
Day 9Xi'an Beckons, Recharge for a Terracotta EncounterXi'an
Day 10Face-Off with An Ancient Army, History's WhispersXi'an
Day 11Walled City and Bustling Streets, then Beijing BoundBeijing
Day 12Beijing's Crown Jewels: Dynasties and Divine SitesBeijing
Day 13Great Wall Victory March, Royal Relaxation AfterwardBeijing
Day 14Wave Goodbye, Depart with Tales to Tell-

Your 2-week China nearby adventure kicks off in Kathmandu, Nepal, a city where stories are written on the wind. Ason Tole Market, is a lively theater where the drama of daily life unfolds. You'll barter over spices and marvel at artifacts that whisper of Nepal's deep history. Then, amid the grandeur of Durbar Square, to being part of a royal saga, with each temple and palace narrating a chapter of Nepal's storied past.

At Boudhanath Stupa, join the monks in their rhythmic chants, feeling the vibrations of centuries-old mantras. The Changu Narayan Temple, perched high above the valley, offers not just architectural marvels but panoramic views that speak to the soul. Imagine the sun setting over the valley, casting a golden glow on the ancient stones.

China beckons. Flying to Tibet, you are stepping into another realm. In Tsetang, the cradle of Tibetan civilization, you'll encounter Yumbulagang, an ancient palace whispering tales of Tibet's first king. In Lhasa, the Potala Palace stands as a majestic symbol of Tibetan Buddhism. You would probably find yourself wandering through its vast halls, each corner echoing with centuries of spiritual pursuit.

Potala Palace, ChinaPotala Palace, China

Jokhang Temple, a jewel in Lhasa's crown, invites you to immerse in its spiritual ambiance. As you stroll along Barkhor Street, the pulse of Lhasa's daily life, the chorus of pilgrims and the aroma of incense create an atmosphere that's both electric and serene.

The train journey to Xi'an is an adventure in itself, with the ever-changing landscape transforming before your eyes. In Xi'an, the Terracotta Warriors await, imagine the awe of standing before these life-sized figures, each with a story etched in clay.

Beijing, a city where these emperors once roamed, is your final stop. The Forbidden City, a labyrinth of opulence and history, invites you to wander through its vast courtyards and intimate chambers. The Great Wall, a symbol of China's enduring strength, offers a challenge and a reward. Go climb its storied steps, reliving the history and becoming a part of it. As you stand atop the wall, the world just stretches out before you, a reminder of what a glorious journey you have embarked on. Your journey culminates in the Summer Palace, as you stroll along its serene lakeside, reflect on the myriad experiences of the past few days, from the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the imperial grandeur of Beijing.

Step into a realm where dragons roam and samurais still stand guard! On this 2-week escapade, you'll zigzag from China's timeless wonders like the majestic Great Wall and the mysterious Forbidden City, to the neon-lit streets and ancient temples of Japan. From slurping noodles in Shanghai to meditating in Kyoto's serene gardens, this journey is tailor-made for the intrepid explorer with a yen for yesteryear and a zest for the zestier side of life!

Forbidden City, ChinaForbidden City, China

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Arrive, Buzz through Kathmandu's StreetsBeijing
Day 2Temple Tales and Market Madness!Beijing
Day 3Spiritual Stupa Visits, Evening in BhaktapurBeijing
Day 4Soar to Lhasa, Road Trip to Tsetang's TreasuresXi'an
Day 5Travel in Tsetang, Then Lhasa Lights BeckonXi'an
Day 6Lhasa's Jewels: Palaces, Temples, and Living HistoryShanghai
Day 7Lhasa's Sequel: Green Escapes and Monk ChatsShanghai
Day 8Aboard The Train, Scenic Wonders AwaitOsaka
Day 9Xi'an Beckons, Recharge for a Terracotta EncounterOsaka
Day 10Face-Off with An Ancient Army, History's WhispersKyoto
Day 11Walled City and Bustling Streets, then Beijing BoundKyoto
Day 12Beijing's Crown Jewels: Dynasties and Divine SitesTokyo
Day 13Great Wall Victory March, Royal Relaxation AfterwardTokyo
Day 14Wave Goodbye, Depart with Tales to Tell-

As you meander through Beijing's bustling streets, try some little noodle shop hidden in a hutong near the Forbidden City. It might not be in your adventurer's handbook, but it's a gem! Stepping through the colossal gates of the Forbidden City, each chamber tells tales of emperors long gone. Scale the Great Wall at Mutianyu, walking a storyline of resilience and vision.

Next up, Xi'an, where you will be time-slipping to the era of the Terracotta Army. Standing in front of these ancient sculptures, you will feel the gaze of history looking right back at you! And just when you think you've had enough history for the day, we'll take you to a local family's home. Here, you'll cook, dine, and dance like a local, because what's travel without a bit of cultural immersion, right? Go ask them about their secret ingredient in Biang Biang noodles - it's a family secret they might just share with a friendly face like yours.

Wrapping up in Shanghai, the Bund at sunset. It's where the neon lights start to dance across the river, and the city truly comes to life. Here's a tip: try the Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings); they're little parcels of joy!

Osaka Castle, JapanOsaka Castle, Japan

Say Konnichiwa to Japan as you land in Osaka. A city of contrasts, where you can savor Takoyaki (octopus balls) by the street and then marvel at the majesty of Osaka Castle. Kobe, with its mesmerizing views from Mt. Nunobiki, is next. And if you're into sake, you're in for a treat at the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum.

Kyoto is like stepping into a painting. Nijo Castle, the Fushimi-Inari Shrine with its iconic red torii gates, and the Kodai-Ji Temple where you'll experience a Zen-like tea ceremony - it's all about embracing the old-school charm of Japan.

Finally, Tokyo. The city that never sleeps, but always dreams. And you, the big dreamer, are in for a treat. Maybe you'll stumble upon a surprise for you there - a tiny sushi bar where the chef has more stories than the city itself. The Meiji Shrine offers a serene retreat, while the buzz of Senso-Ji Temple showcases Tokyo's vibrant spirit. And before you know it, it's time to say Sayonara, but not without a heart full of memories and a camera full of unbelievable photos!

Through China and Its Enchanting Neighbors with Odyssey

And that's a wrap on our whirlwind China nearby tour in 2 weeks! You've sauntered through Kyoto's historical heart, sailed down the Li River in Guilin, and climbed the age-old steps of the Great Wall. But hold on, don't start unpacking yet! Our journey through the Asian wonders isn't over. Up next? Our 10 Days in China extravaganza - it's like the bonus level in your favorite video game, packed with even more epic adventures and 'WOW' moments!

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