1 Week in China: Top 4 Travel Itineraries

Think 7 days isn't enough to get a taste of China? Think again! In just 1 week China tour, you will race against time to soak in the essence of this colossal country. Ever felt the thrum of ancient stories pulsating through cobbled streets? Or the tantalizing whiff of street food, mingling with the subtle perfume of history? Buckle up, my friends, you are about to ride into the very heart of China!

Get on an unforgettable 1-week journey through China's "Golden Triangle," a journey starting in Beijing, passing through Xi'an, and culminating in the dazzling city of Shanghai. This itinerary is designed for travelers eager to immerse themselves in the diverse landscapes of China, from its ancient past to its vibrant present. Each day offers a new perspective on Chinese culture, making this journey an enriching experience for any visitor.

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Land in Beijing - Dive into A Cultural Jamboree!Beijing
Day 2Step into History at the Forbidden City; Mix with Locals at Tiananmen SquareBeijing
Day 3Scale the Iconic Great Wall - A Walk to Remember! Night Train to Ancient Xi'anTrain
Day 4Unearth the Secrets of the Terracotta Army; Wander through the Vibrant Muslim QuarterXi'an
Day 5Cycle Xi'an's Grand Old Walls, then Jet Off to Shanghai's Glittering SkylineShanghai
Day 6Shanghai Highlights: From Historic Yu Garden to the Bustling BundShanghai
Day 7Bid Farewell to China's Splendors - Departure from Shanghai-

Your 1-week journey begins in Beijing, China's capital city, rich in history and modern developments. After you've checked into your hotel and taken a power nap, it's time to explore!

Begin your exploration in Tiananmen Square, the world's largest public square, surrounded by historic buildings. Continue to the Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for an in-depth tour of its ancient structures and artifacts. In the afternoon, experience Beijing's traditional side with a pedicab tour through its historic hutongs. If you're lucky, your driver might just share a tale or two about the neighborhood's secret history.

Visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu, one of the best-preserved sections, offering stunning views and a rich history, is a place where you can truly test your fitness levels and realize that gym membership was totally worth it! Traverse its imposing stone watchtowers, after descending, embark on an overnight train journey to Xi'an, an ancient city steeped in Chinese history.

Upon arrival in Xi'an, visit the world-famous Terracotta Army, a significant archaeological site. Remember to whisper your secrets to them; they're great listeners, having been silent for over 2000 years! Later, explore the Muslim Quarter, a vibrant area showcasing the diversity of Chinese culture and the influence of Islamic traditions.

Xi'an's ancient city walls, an impressive example of Ming Dynasty fortifications. Also, get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the art of dumpling making with local family. Who knew folding dough could be so therapeutic and delicious?

Shanghai is a city that never sleeps, and neither will you with all there is to explore! Discover Shanghai's rich cultural heritage with a visit to the Shanghai Museum and the historic Yu Garden. Conclude the day with a walk along the Bund, a famous waterfront area with a collection of historic buildings.

Forbidden CityForbidden City

Welcome, undaunted travelers, to a combination of culture, history, and unbridled journey in China! If you will, a journey in 7 days that weaves through the ancient streets of Beijing, glides along the serene Li River, and dazzles in the electric lights of Shanghai - all in a fantastic 1-week escapade.

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Land in Beijing - Dive into The Buzz of Wangfujing StreetBeijing
Day 2Conquer the Great Wall & Relive 2008 OlympicsBeijing
Day 3Forbidden City Secrets Unveil, Jet Off to GuilinGuilin
Day 4Li River Cruise - Yangshuo's Natural WondersGuilin
Day 5Mystical Reed Flute Cave, Shanghai BoundShanghai
Day 6Shanghai's Gems: Yu Garden & Shopping Spree on Nanjing RdShanghai
Day 7Wave Goodbye to Shanghai-

Your China itinerary in 1 week starts in Beijing. After arriving at Beijing Capital International Airport and checking into your downtown hotel, you have the option to explore Wangfujing Street. This bustling area offers a glimpse into both the modern and traditional aspects of the city, with its famous night market offering an array of local street foods.

Rise and shine for the Great Wall at Mutianyu, known for its scenic beauty and lesser crowds, though it's not visible from space anymore, yet it's still epic! If you can conquer these steps, you can conquer anything! A cable car ride and a hike along this historical fortification offer a unique experience. The day concludes with a visit to the Olympic Park, the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

You know those moments in movies where the hero enters a majestic place, and the music swells? That's you entering the Forbidden City! Traverse the vast complex, home to emperors for centuries, and marvel at its architectural grandeur.

Experience the serene beauty of Yangshuo with a cruise down the Li River, a mirror reflecting thousands of years of poetry and showcasing the region's unique limestone mountains. Hop on a raft and let the current carry your worries away! The day includes visits to Moon Hill and the ancient Big Banyan Tree, highlighting the natural splendor of the area.

Your last day in Guilin includes a tour of the Reed Flute Cave, a natural limestone cave with impressive formations. Visit Moon Hill and the ancient Big Banyan Tree, immersing yourself in the region's natural wonders.

In Shanghai, you will walk through the French Concession, a slice of Europe in the heart of China. Your next day in Shanghai includes a visit to the historic Yu Garden and the Shanghai Museum, offering insights into China's artistic and cultural heritage. Wander along Nanjing Road, Shanghai's shopping mecca, and ascend the Shanghai Tower for panoramic city views.

The View of Yangshuo, GuilinThe View of Yangshuo, Guilin

This 1-week itinerary offers an expansive tour of China's historic and modern attractions, ideal for those seeking to immerse themselves in the country's rich cultural tapestry. Experience the majesty of the Great Wall, the imperial splendor of the Forbidden City, the serene beauty of the Yangtze River, and the vibrant energy of Shanghai, all in one unforgettable journey.

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Beijing beckons: an evening dance through Wangfujing's historical tapestryBeijing
Day 2Ascend The Steps of Mutianyu's Great Wall; Dive into Dynastic Wonders at the Forbidden CityBeijing
Day 3Soar to Chongqing; Twilight Embarkation on Three Gorges OdysseyYangtze River Cruise
Day 4A day of choices: Climb to Shibaozhai's Sacred Temple or Wander Fengdu's Ghostly RealmsYangtze River Cruise
Day 5Sail through The Fabled Three Gorges: Qutang's Majesty, Wu's Emerald Embrace, Xiling's Expansive ArmsYangtze River Cruise
Day 6Gaze upon The Three Gorges Dam, Zip to Shanghai's Neon DreamsShanghai
Day 7Shanghai's adieu-

Your journey commences in Beijing, a city that seamlessly melds its storied past with a rapidly evolving future. After settling into your hotel, you have the chance to explore Wangfujing Street, a bustling hub known for its unique street food and vibrant shopping scene. Wandering through the labyrinthine hutongs, stumble upon a local game of mahjong. Here, amidst a labyrinth of neon signs, you will find delicacies that dare you take a bite.

An unforgettable excursion to the Great Wall at Mutianyu awaits you. This well-preserved section offers panoramic views and a glimpse into China's ancient defensive architecture. The day continues with a visit to Tiananmen Square and the awe-inspiring Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of China's imperial history.

Travel to Chongqing, a dynamic river city, and embark on a luxurious five-star cruise, your floating palace, along the Yangtze River. The cruise promises comfort and scenic views as you glide through the heart of China. Try spotting all the different shapes in the rock formations. As night descends, feel the gentle rocking of the boat, that's just China saying, 'Goodnight.'

The cruise stops at Shibaozhai, where you can explore a Buddhist temple atop a hill, accessible via a nine-story wooden pagoda. Alternatively, visit Fengdu's Ghost City, a fascinating complex of temples and shrines.

Witness the stunning Three Gorges - Qutang, Wu, and Xiling. Each gorge offers its distinct natural beauty and historical significance, making this a highlight of your river journey. Enjoy excursions along tributaries like the Shennong or Goddess streams for a closer look at the natural beauty. As the sun sets over the horizon, witness a live-action Chinese painting, unscrolling before your very eyes. The local crew might share ghost stories of the Fengdu - a mix of history and hocus-pocus that kept everyone on the edge of their seats or bunks.

Conclude your river cruise with a visit to the Three Gorges Dam before traveling by high-speed train to Shanghai, if you think New York is the city that never sleeps, wait till you see Shanghai on an espresso shot. A stroll down the Bund - one side rooted in history, the other soaring into tomorrow. Reflect on your incredible journey through China as you prepare to depart from Shanghai, enriched with memories of ancient wonders and modern marvels.

Shibaozhai, ChongqingShibaozhai, Chongqing

This 7-day saga unfurls a scroll of contrasts, marrying the solemn grandeur of the Forbidden City with the pulsating heart of Shanghai's Bund. Ideal for the history buffs yearning for a taste of dynasties and the city slickers seeking neon narratives.

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1Beijing Beckons! Unwrap the City's Secrets at Wangfujing StreetBeijing
Day 2Summer Palace Escapade; Tiananmen's Towering TalesBeijing
Day 3Scale the Myths of the Great Wall at Mutianyu; Olympic Dreams in The ParkBeijing
Day 4Serenade the Skies at Temple of Heaven; Onward to Shanghai's EmbraceShanghai
Day 5Yu Garden's Whispered Legends; Shanghai Viewed from The CloudsShanghai
Day 6Glide through Suzhou, The Eastern Venice; Tongli's Silent SonnetsShanghai
Day 7Farewell Shanghai-

Begin your 1-week journey in Beijing, the heart of Chinese history and culture. Your first challenge: navigating through the labyrinth of Wangfujing Street without succumbing to the siren call of every tantalizing street food stall. Try to find the tastiest street snacks, yet they are all delicious!

Your journey continues with a guided tour of the Summer Palace, a sprawling imperial garden and royal residence. If you are the royalty, how would you redesign it? More fountains, perhaps? Enjoy the day with a pedicab tour through Beijing's historic hutongs, witnessing the coexistence of traditional and modern lifestyles. And then, brace yourself for the overwhelming vastness of Tiananmen Square, with its giant portrait of Chairman Mao - a 'great' wall of another kind!

Speaking of walls, you will visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu. Count the watchtowers and become a guard for this day! Enjoy a cable car ride and hike along this world wonder. In the afternoon, visit Olympic Park, home to iconic structures from the 2008 Olympics, including the Bird's Nest and Water Cube.

In the morning, visit the Temple of Heaven, a complex of religious buildings symbolizing the relationship between Earth and heaven. The afternoon brings a transition from the traditional capital to the cosmopolitan Shanghai via a bullet train, try to catch a glimpse of the countryside zipping by - it's a blur of green and gold.

Discover Shanghai starting with the tranquil Yu Garden, perfect for pondering life's mysteries or just where to eat next. The Shanghai Museum offers a crash course in Chinese history - which ancient artifact do you wish you could take home? Stroll along Nanjing Road, Shanghai's premier shopping district. End your day with a jaw-dropping view from the Shanghai Tower - Shanghai looks pretty good from 632 meters up!

Make a wish in Suzhou - they say the waterways carry them to the stars. Explore the Master of the Nets Garden and then visit Tongli, wrapping up the day with its picturesque canals - it's the perfect backdrop for your new profile pic!

The View of ShanghaiThe View of Shanghai

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Well, fellow adventurers, as your virtual scroll through China's wonders rolls up, you've tangoed with the Terracotta Army, chatted up the walls of the Forbidden City, and maybe even serenaded the Yangtze River. But wait, there's more! Your journey doesn't end here. How about adding three more sunrises and sunsets to your itinerary? Yes, you heard that right! '10 Days in China' awaits, ready for you to explore!

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