Complete Guide for Getting a Tourist Port Visa in 2024

Have you ever yearned to visit China because of its rich history and culture, stunning beauty, and delicious food? The only disappointment is that obtaining a visa to China is not that straightforward. I'd like to introduce you to a visa that is both straightforward and fast to obtain: the port visa. To assist you in getting started on your trip via China, we have included detailed information on the China port visa below.

What Is a Port Visa?

For travelers who want to apply for a port visa for their entry to China, the port visa is a kind of visa that is issued from the authority port directly. It permits tourists to enter China without having to obtain a visa from a Chinese embassy or consulate in advance.

Similar to "visas on arrival" of some other countries, China Port Visas are also a method for travelers to apply for a visa to visit China. The process of a port visa may be simpler than applying for a visa from the embassy by yourself. Travelers can entrust a qualified travel agency to apply for a port visa at the designated port of entry in China.

Beijing Daxing International AirportBeijing Daxing International Airport

What Are the Advantages of Appling for a Port Visa?

It is convenient, especially for those who live in a city that has no embassy or consulate. There is no need for you to get to the embassy time after time to submit the application form or do the interview. This can help you to save time, money, and energy while applying for the visa application.

For those who are not familiar with the application process, it is more convenient and easier than applying for a visa in advance from a Chinese embassy or consulate. You should only provide the essential certifications and personal information to the travel agency to do the application.

What's more, the port visa is suitable for tourist who have decided on their travel plans to China at short notice. Because it costs less time than other forms of visa application.

Who can Apply for a Port Visa?

Only foreign tour groups that are organized and invited by approved travel agencies with corresponding qualifications can apply for the port visa, which means that you can not apply for a port visa individually.

All you need to do is to find a travel agency with the qualifications to help you with the visa, and then prepare all the required information according to the instructions.

What Should I Do to Apply for a Port Visa?

Step 1: Find Your Travel Companion

According to the regulation of the China National Immigration Administration, the tour group that applies for a port visa should have at least 2 people. You should make sure who will accompany you on your China tour.

Step 2: Choose a Qualified Travel Agency

You should then choose a qualified travel agency that can help you with the port visa application. Then decide on your tour itineraries with your consultant and the consultant will help you with the format of the itinerary information that should be provided to the port agency.

Step 3: Make the Reservations

After the itinerary has been decided, you should make all the reservations including your round-trip flight tickets, and choose the hotel where you will stay. You can make your requirements clear with the travel agency, and let the consultant help you to reserve the appropriate hotel for you. The reservation of international flight tickets is usually not included in the service of the travel agency. However, Odynovo can always help you with anything you are not familiar with. Our travel experts will be happy to give you related recommendations when you are making the flight reservation.

Step 4: Prepare the Electronic Documents that Are Required

Moreover, you should prepare some personal information including the passport information page and ID photo.

List of Information You Should Prepare

To be more clear for you to understand, all information that should be provided is listed:

1. Tour itinerary in China
2. Name list of the tour group
3. Hotel booking confirmation (electronic document)
4. Round-trip flight booking information (electronic document)
5. Passport information page (electronic document)
6. Photo (electronic document, ID photo)

Tourists provide the information above, then the tour agency collects all the application forms to submit to the agency of authority local port.

How Much Does a Port Visa Cost?

The total cost of applying for a port visa is about 274 USD for Americans and Canadians, and 169 euros for Europeans, including the visa fee, the service fee of the visa agency, and the service fee of the travel agency.

The cost of a port visa depends on the nationality of the tourist due to the visa reciprocity policy of China. For Americans and Canadians, it will be 140 USD for one entrance. For Europeans, the visa fee is 60 euros.

Usually, the Chinese visa agency at local ports will charge a service fee of about 20% to 30% of the visa fee.

Moreover, the travel agency will charge the service fee of a port visa will cost about 106 USD (due to the currency exchange rate) per person.

How Long Does It Take to Apply for a Port Visa?

You should provide the required information 15 days prior to arrival (no less than 10 working days). The visa application needs 2 to 3 days to be ready. According to the regulation of port visas, travelers must enter China with the port visa within 15 days of the date of issue.

The expedited service can be offered, but with more service fees than the normal process, it will be 1.5 times more than the usual applications.

How Long Can Tourists Stay in China With a Port Visa?

Travelers with a port visa are allowed to stay 30 days as a maximum while traveling in China. 30 days is absolutely enough for you to plan a perfect tour to discover the essence of China.

Valid Ports of Entry

There are plenty of ports that can accept port visas. Here we list some ports of the main cities that can issue the port visa. If the city you are interested in arriving in is not on the list, you can check the official list at the official website of the National Immigration Administration of China (

CityValid Ports
BeijingBeijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Daxing International Airport
ShanghaiShanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Xi'anXi'an Xianyang International Airport
GuilinGuilin Liangjiang International Airport
GuangzhouGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport
ShenzhenShenzhen Baoan International Airport
Shenzhen Shekou Port
ZhangjiajieZhangjiajie Hehua International Airport

How to Get to China With a Port Visa?

First, we suggest travelers find out if the original copy of the port visa is needed to depart from the residing country. If the original copy is a must, please notify us in advance about the days it may cost for package delivery so the travel agencies can schedule it.

Normally, passengers can use a copy of the port visa to depart from their country. Then there will be a specially assigned person who brings the original copy of the port visa to the immigration area in the port of China, to give it to travelers for their entry. The pick-up guide will be waiting at the exit gate of the airport.

Tour groups can enter China through any of the open ports while the individuals who hold a port visa shall enter China through the port where the issuing authority is located. However, we recommend you enter China with your port visa through the port that issued your visa application to avoid the risk.

Plan Your China Tour With Odynovo

China is a charming land with abundant natural resources and a rich culture and history. It is time to start your adventure to this mysterious country. Don't be scared about the difficulty of applying for a visa, Odynovo will help you to solve all possible problems when preparing your China tour. Just contact us to make your perfect plan.

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