Where to Go on A Visa-Free Visit to China 2024

With the help of today's visa-free policy, there is much time for you to enjoy the transit tour through China. Whether you want to stay for a single day of 24 hours, three days of 72 hours, or a longer extension of 144 hours, the information below will help you find the right city to enjoy the additional holiday.

You can start from the city center. After taking the photo of Tiananmen Square, you can ride in hutongs that lead into the intricate courtyards; take a stroll through the magnificent palaces of the Forbidden City; walk along the riverbank of the Summer Palace, and admire the subtlety of the Royal Gardens; make a wish in front of the tall, symmetrical Temple of Heaven, or head out into the countryside to view the winding Great Wall over the mountains. Beijing is such a charming city with much to do and see. You can spend a few more days there to experience ancient life and culture here.

Forbidden City, BeijingForbidden City, Beijing

One of China's most iconic modern metropolises, but with the unique charm of old Shanghai. Take an afternoon to soak up the baroque architecture of the sycamore-lined avenues of the French Concession; Grab a cup of coffee and lean against the Bund fence, breathe in the cooling sea breeze, and watch the sun-drenched sea gradually lit up by Oriental Pearl Tower neon night lights. It's time to welcome the reawakening of the city. Then you can visit Yu Garden and see the delicate night garden decorated with lights, accompanied by the sound of music. Then take a rickshaw ride along the old street, which will take you back in time to the old Shanghai.

Sunset of ShanghaiSunset of Shanghai

Sightseeing in Hangzhou can start with West Lake Park. If you visit in summer, you can see lotus flowers blooming on the surface of the water and dragonflies resting on lotus leaves. Stroll along the willow banks or take a boat ride in the breeze and admire the Leifeng Pagoda standing on the water in the distance. Then try a warm cup of Longjing tea, whose pale color is as beautiful as the lake. This famous tea not only smells fresh but also has a hint of sweetness, making it one of the best souvenirs. If you're lucky enough to arrive in time for the harvest, you can walk into a tea estate and experience the joy of picking tea leaves on the green hillside.

Xi'an, used to be one of the ancient capital cities of China, which recorded the history of the area in stone and clay. You can walk through the magnificent and well-preserved ancient Circumvallation and visit the Bell and Drum Tower in the center, or cycle along the wall to see the beauty of the Dayan Pagoda at sunset from the old masonry. The tomb of Qin Shi Huang, who unified the country, is also located here, and the magnitude of his tomb can be seen in the equestrian-sized Terracotta Army. Or climb Mount Hua between the clouds to find the hidden waterfalls and capture the wondrous views of the mountain temples.

Terracotta Warriors, Xi'anTerracotta Warriors, Xi'an

A city is full of excitement that will not bore you. Whether it's the giant stone statue of the Leshan Giant Buddha built on the mountain or the ancient water reservoir of Dujiangyan with thousands of years of history, there is much wonder and shock for your visual experience. You can admire nature's masterful color palette in Jiuzhaigou or dive into the crowds at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda to see the furry, round creatures in all their adorable glory. Try the spicy hot pot with a little taste sensation. Believe in this Chengdu delicacy that will delight your palate.

Giant Panda, ChengduGiant Panda, Chengdu

When traveling in the spring, a short stay in Wuhan will impress you. As one of the best places to see cherry blossoms, East Lake Park can satisfy your imagination of fantasy. Surrounded by cherry blossom trees, the azure lake is covered with clouds of pinky blossom and shows the delicate reflections of the five-story pagoda. Finding an angle to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Yellow Crane Tower in the distance through layers of pink petals is also a wonderful experience. If you like the misty feeling, you can also head to Wudang Mountain to try the traditional martial arts or Tai Chi at the cloud-shrouded peak.

Here, you can admire one of nature's wonders, a stone forest with plenty of huge stone pillars. Like stalagmites growing out of the earth with various shapes, which are as vivid as tall trees in grey. There are also moon-shaped lakes, magnificent waterfalls and stalactite caves to visit. If you like these strange landscapes, don't miss this place during your visa-free journey.

Stone Forest, KunmingStone Forest, Kunming

If your next trip will be through China, which city would you choose to drop by? Taking full advantage of the visa-free policy, there is much to enjoy. From tours in the middle of the country to tours along the coast, and from single stops to regional circuits. Don't worry about how complicated your schedule will be because you have so many choices; contact us and let Odynovo make the plans for you. You can trust our skilled team to give you a good answer. It will be our pleasure to be of service and help you with your China tour.

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