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Peeking into Prince William's China Tour Itinerary

About the author, Vera Zhao
Vera Zhao is the product manager at Odyssey Tours. She has been in the line of Asia travel for 10+ years and stacks up helpful tips for tours to China, Southeast Asia and South Asia.
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Prince William’s China tour started on March 1 and ended on March 4, at the invitation of the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs. The four-day tour, which marked the first visit to mainland China by a British royal in 30 years, was done in Beijing, Shanghai and Yunnan. If you haven’t been following, read on to find out what the Duke of Cambridge did and visited in China alongside of useful travel tips. 


Even for Prince William, the Forbidden City is a must-go. Stick with the initial plan, he visited Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony. “Phenomenal” is the word he used to describe the scale and detail of the Chinese imperial palace.

Beijing Forbidden CityThe awe-inspiring Forbidden City.

Besides the brief tour, Prince William also went to the Shijia Hutong Museum, a historic courtyard property hidden behind the modern hotels and trendy boutiques of Wangfujing Street. This neighborhood once dwelled some of China’s top famous writers, artists and diplomats, and were renovated last year under the cooperation of the local municipal government and the Prince’s Charities Foundation China owned by Prince William’s father, Prince Charles.

Travel tips

Everyone loves the Forbidden City, so it would be unnecessary to explain why you should put it on your Beijing-to-do list. Speaking of Shijia Hutong Museum, as it was launched last year, some improvement would be needed. In comparison, living Hutongs in Houhai and Shishahai are of greater value to peek into the local’s life.

Hutong in BeijingHutong is a shortcut to folk cultures of Beijing. 


Shanghai is often embedded in any China tour just as this 13-Day Colorful China with Yunnan suggests. While in Shanghai, the first stop for Prince William was Shanghai Dragon Art Museum, where he opened the Great Festival of Creativity for 2015 is the UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange. In the evening, he attended the premiere of the Paddington film at the Shanghai Film Museum, a well-information place for film buffs to easily spend a day without a dull moment.

Travel Tips

Shanghai is never short of art and culture. The dynamic city is dubbed “city of the future” while in the mean time, well maintains the traditional customs observed through centuries. In addition to where Prince William visited, the Bund, Tianzifang (an arts enclave) and the French Concession are recommended a go. You may also check out the 5 unique things to do in Shanghai.

The Bund in Shanghai, ChinaSunset of the Bund.

Tianzifang in ShanghaiTianzifang develops from a renovated residential area.


On the final day of his China visit, Prince William arrived in Xishuangbanna, an autonomous prefecture of Yunnan province. He was warmly welcomed by locals from the Dai minority village and poured with “lucky water”, which is seen as a gesture of blessing. The Duke tasted Zongzi (glutinous rice dumplings in bamboo leaves) and learned what measures locals take to co-exist with the wild elephants. After visiting a wildlife sanctuary called Elephant Valley, he delivered a key speech at the Botanical Gardens, focusing on conservation and illegal wildlife trade.

Travel Tips

Xishuangbanna is famous for its minority cultures, natural resources and wildlife amounts. However, the tour expense is much higher than in the other Yunnan cities like Dali, where minority customs also are well-preserved, and Shangri-la, a harmonious valley with amazing natural landscapes.

Dali Dali is a rising destination thanks to its rich minority cultures and simple lifestyle.

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