10 Pretty Fantastic Reasons to Travel with Odynovo

We get it. When picking a tour operator to turn your dream trip into reality it can be really overwhelming. We don’t want you to get overwhelmed, so here are 10 pretty fantastic reasons to travel with Odynovo (formerly Odyssey Tours) to save some hassles. Make sure to use the list as more than just a list, instead, use it as a guide to working with the right one to spend your hard-earn vacation money.

1. Have your itinerary crafted by an expert consultant

Nothing beats a trip designed by those who know the place like the back of their hands. The travel consultants at Odynovo either have taken regular field trips or live in their specialist regions, and many have been specialized in private tours for over 6 years. Try them, their rich destination knowledge can help create a perfect trip around your requirements, even if it may sound hard to realize for others. 

2. Get a great recommendation on accommodation & food

You care a lot about the comfortable stay and scrumptious cuisine, and so do we. Can you imagine we slept in the same room or ate in the same restaurant just to make sure you would be delighted with every recommendation we make? That’s how we accumulate our expertise for the past 11 years and on. Not all tour operators invest so much on "vetting", but we are exceptional. Our first-hand experience has been proved to outperform the guidebook or Google.

Indian naan and curry taste awesome!

We hereby testify that these Indian naan and curry taste awesome!

3. There is nothing secretive about the refundable tour price

While extra fees have become the norm among many travel companies, we've stayed true to our reputation as an honest business by not charging hidden fees. At Odynovo the price you obtain is the price you pay. You can see straight through us, and never are forced shopping made or tourist traps anticipated. We also promise a refund policy if your tour has to be unfortunately cancelled due to personal reasons. 

4. Our core: the private guide and transfer

We are proud of having some of the world’s best tour guides, who passionately show you the heart of a destination where they live. Our past guests can’t be happier with these local fellows that are "knowledgeable, friendly and organized", according to their positive travel reviews. The private transfer you have comes with an experienced driver and clean vehicle maintained in mint condition. Now expect to explode with joy all the tour, everyone.

local experts for trip

We use local experts to delight your trip and help you explore the hidden lanes. 

5. Be one of the 10,000+ satisfied Odynovo guests we have each year

10,000 may not seem to be a big deal to Apple or a world’s top 500, but it’s definitely a milestone for a tour operator and sheds light on her reliability. A staggering 98% of our guests report satisfaction with their travel, and 40% have become repeat customers. So far we still have the most Facebook reviews among peers. How do we achieve that? By listening to our guests. It’s part of our firm commitment to standing out with genuine service.

6. An award-winning business gives you peace of mind

If word-of-mouth doesn’t suit you, take a look at the awards and media press we are honored to have received. TripAdvisor awards only the top-performing 10% of all travel business, amongst which Odynovo has been winning the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the 7th Year. A couple of media giants such as USA Today, BBC, About. com and seasoned travel bloggers recommend our tour service that passed their acid test. All the efforts are meant to make you feel secure from start to finish. 

7. Be pampered with a nice touch

We believe that our dedication to small detail makes a difference. During the tour, free bottled water is provided so thirst will not bother our guests, and those who take a Li River cruise can enjoy a jar of fresh salad or other proper snacks we brought on the boat to make your lunch more interesting onboard. Whenever there is a birthday, anniversary or special event of your life, let us know and be prepared to get some surprise!

client's thank you letter

Birthday surprise for our customer

8. Private means flexible

Winston S. Churchill's quote "To be perfect is to change often" is applied to your trip planning. As you opt for the private style, it is quite flexible to travel at your own pace or make changes along the way! In fact, we appreciate your personal engagement to make the trip a more memorable one. Want to learn how great private tour is? Read the customer stories that unveil the amazing facts of it.

9. We’ve got you covered on a 24/7 basis 

We live up to our slogan "You're not alone with Odynovo" by being ready to help at any time anywhere. Our service continues after you land at the destination. The travel consultant and customer service staff act beyond the call of duty: they will be there with you throughout the whole journey to make sure your trip goes without a hitch. Oftentimes there is feedback suspecting whether we sleep or not – of course, we do, but only when everything is going well.

10. Enjoy the same high standard of service in multi-destinations

The world is big, but you are never far from one of our local operation offices. We maintain a strong connection with local partners who are happy to keep high standards of business discipline, training, compliance with our slogan to ensure we can deliver an overall fresh, fun, and consistently Odynovo experience. Welcome to check out why we can do better than your local travel agent

Odynovo staff

Odynovo staff visiting local partners in Sri Lanka. 

Here’s hoping this article helped you have a clearer picture of traveling with Odynovo! For any further requests or questions simply drop us a line at , we are always ready to assist as read above.

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