Of course, you can stay at hotels of your own choice. We're specialized in customized travel, you can not only choose your own accommodation, but also decide what to see and travel at your own pace, with our specialist knowledge at your disposal.

You're free to choose the hotels you want to stay, but if you don't mind, tell us the price of booking by yourself. As a reputable online travel agency, China Odyssey Tours has established an extensive cooperation network with key hotels chains in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, etc, which enables us book rooms at a favorable price. So you can compare if the price we offer is better and decide whether to let us book for you. If you will book by yourselves, please tell us the hotel name, which will be stated clearly on your itinerary and let your guide and driver know where they shall transfer you to/from.

But if you have no idea where to stay, I'm willing to recommend some for you to choose. At Odyssey, we think that accommodation is a very important part of your experience, so we have selected a wide variety of hotels that are catered to customers with different budgets, tastes, and cultural background. Our people personally inspect the hotels strictly and regularly to ensure they reach the standard of our customers.

Should you have any questions or need any help, please write to  and let me know.

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