China Starts to Issue 10-year Visas for U.S. Citizens

China and the United States have agreed to grant each other's citizens multiple-entry visas of up to 10 years. Starting from November 11, 2014, U.S. students studying in China could receive five-year visas, while tourists and business travelers could receive visas with a maximum validity of 10 years.

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing

The new visa agreement was announced during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Beijing in a bid to boost exchange between the two countries. So far, several U.S. citizens have received their 10-year Chinese Visas.

Previously, American citizens were limited to 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year Chinese visas. The new visa regulations will attract more Americans to China as it makes a lot of things easier. For those who'd like to explore China on several trips, it will help to avoid the hassle of lots of visa runs.

To qualify for a 10-year visa, the U.S. passport must have more than 1-year validity. Once a 10-year visa has been issued, the validity of the visa does not expire if the holder renews his/her passport. The 10-year visa fee will be 140$ for U.S. passport holders, who pay a fixed fee of 140$ for all types of China visas regardless of the validity and number of entries.

To learn more about China visas and how to apply for it, go to China Visa FAQs

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